the First

This should be the defining moment of my life. I have finally achieved blogger status. Although as of now no one really reads this, but…

They say it is imperative to blog every day. So I shall. Hopefully it will not become a tool of procrastination, as I am anticipating.

Speaking of anticipation, I was surprised by the two hour early dismissal today. I was even more surprised by my lack of enthusiasm – woo, two more hours to go home and do homework! yeah! but seriously, I suppose I should be grateful… it gave me time to meander.

I wish I had more time to read. And now I am off to do my POR… and other school-related tasks. huzzah.



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8 responses to “the First

  1. Bobo

    haha. first one to comment!!!
    i feel like a creeper… >.>

  2. Thomas

    you have a blog? O_O I feel out of my comfort zone with this thing…

    you shouldn’t feel that way. you should be proud of yourself for being the first commenter on this spectacular blog. that actually isn’t really spectacular… at all…

  3. Richard

    What an excellent start to this blog!

  4. Bianca

    ha. mine was definitely used for procrastination. and life ranting. but yeah.

    i wasn’t too pleased with the delay either. it threw me off schedule and pushed more tests -__-;

    good works.

  5. Thomas

    um, thanks Richard.

    I’m going to try and not make it a rant blog – personal, but not overly ostentatious. And I know how you feel, except I still had to take a test yesterday and I still have a test today. gr.

    thanks (:

  6. thehowlingfantogs

    Thought it would be interesting to go back and read your first blog. How do you feel you have changed since then?

    • Oh goodness, I almost cannot believe you came all the way back here. I could write an entire post on how much I’ve changed, but at least in terms of blogging, I think I’ve become a bit more focused and maybe a little more professional? Hopefully my writing has improved too. As a person, though, the differences are manifold.

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