What I Do When I’m Sick

1) Drink a lot of water.

2) Go to Border’s and buy a Barron’s AP World History book.

3) Proceed to indulge in Caramel Pecanbon at Cinnabon in an attempt to alleviate sickness.

4) Become disappointed when sickness does not subside.

5) Feels calories and cholesterol surge through veins. Sickness increases.

6) Go to the bathroom every 15 minutes (see #1).

7) Neglect to use Barron’s AP World History book (see #2).

8 ) Run on treadmill in attempt to neutralize the negative health effects of a Cinnabon (see #3, #5).

9) Mock Rihanna’s new self-indulgent single that eludes to inappropriate behavior.

10) Run to Rihanna’s new self-indulgent single while on treadmill (see #8, #9).


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