A Potpourri of Unplanned Thoughts

Hi. COUGH. Welcome. COUGH. To my. COUGH. Blog. *breathes*

^That’s how I’ve been talking as of late. It’s very irritating. I feel like I’m choking every time I try to communicate to someone. Honestly, it’s rather hypocritical of me because every time someone else is sick I think ‘okay, I’m going to stay a few steps away from you…’ but when I myself am sick I think ‘please… I’m dying… don’t leave me’… anyway.

I am serious about the cough though. I do not know what caused it – either the sickness I fought to overcome earlier this week, or the fact that I’ve been playing tennis outside in the cold two hours every day for the past few days.

On another note, I have to submit a short story due next Friday for a Writer’s Conference. Here is how much I have done…

In case you're wondering, it says 'Hi! I'm nothing!'

Here is how much I wish I had done…

My piece for last year's writer's conference.

I detest writer’s block. I find it more difficult to craft a well-written short story than a well-written novel, because with a short story you have a minute amount of space to develop characters or create a memorable setting, as opposed to the novel where pages can be dedicated to those aspects.

As strange as this may sound, SHINees song REPLAY has been supplying me with slight inspiration. I feel a distinct emotion when I listen to the song, and I want to center my story around that. Maybe I’ll post it when I’m done…

Friday nights are the best.


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