Eat this, not that! (but really, it’s up to you)

I’m about to make a meaningless profound connection between my weight objective and America’s current trend of mindlessness/obesity. Prepare to be amazed.

My new goal is to lose ten pounds. That’s manageable, right? In other words, decreasing my BMI from roughly 21.3 to 19.7. It’s not like I want to become solely the skin and bones that frame my body, I just want to lose a little (or a lot) of fat. It might be hard because my current fat percentage is already 8.0%, but like they say, you have to risk it to get the biscuit. I have no idea where that saying originates.

Anyway, I decided to research some strategies to make my pursuit of weight loss more achievable. By research, I mean asking people who are skinny/look skinny/my friends their opinion. This is a list of things I have learned (I guess I have a thing for lists):

1. Exercise a lot.

2. Don’t eat more than you need.

3. Various dieting methods.

4. Read Eat this, not that!

… wait a second. Read a book to lose weight? Surely this is some form of chicanery designed for those corpulent individuals who cannot comprehend that reading books does not result in a shedding of pounds! Even the cover seems too colorful and artsy for its own good:

But as the popular saying goes (and no, I don’t know where this one originates either) – never judge a book by its cover. So I won’t. I’ll judge it on its content, which I decided to read through recently.

The one problem I had with this book was the complete obviousness of almost 90% of the things it suggested: do people really think ordering a full rack of BBQ ribs would be healthier than getting a chicken salad? Do fruit loops really look healthier than cheerios? Are Americans really too lazy to simply look at the nutritional information provided to them?

Okay, that last one was a little harsh. I understand some restaurants to attempt to beguile customers by carefully contorting their entrees to appear healthy, slimming, etc. Still, the simplicity of some comparisons bothers me.

Now I’ll try one…

Eat this…

Delicious mango.

Not that!

Fattening cups of chocolate.

One last note: it’s not as if society should feel bound by the instructions in Eat this, not that! In the end, it’s up to good old perseverance and willpower to determine whether one will really lose weight or not.

I think this will help me lose weight, and quite a few others as well… (or at least make them more determined, if you catch my drift)

The Key to success.



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2 responses to “Eat this, not that! (but really, it’s up to you)

  1. Sarah

    Yes, American society has screwed us all over. However, if you want I can help you with your goal, I put myself on a diet in 8th grade because the medication I was on made me feel depressed. I have no clue how much I actually weighed before, but I went down to about 88 pounds.

  2. Thomas

    You were definitely underweight then! You poor thing 😦 At least you’re better and curvier now.

    I will consider your offer of dieting help. It’ll probably be tougher for me than it was for you though…

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