Being Denied a Seat on the Bus

… is possibly the most irritating thing that has ever happened to me. No, that’s a hyperbole. But imagine this:

You run down the pathway, grimacing as the harsh rain pours on your backpack and belongings. Occasionally glancing to the right, you wonder when the mustard-colored transportation vehicle that promises an interior of warmth and dryness will arrive.

You see the school bus. You don’t hesitate to run toward it like a freak; it’s not like anyone important is watching anyway. As you enter, the bus driver kindly greets you – a promise of safe travel and heated air. Then, you turn around and blanch.

Almost all the seats are filled except two, both of which contain only one person. One is up towards the front, to your right. The other is a longer distance near the back, to the left. You proceed to the seat on the right and approach the individual already sitting, a teenage male listening to his IPod.

“May I please sit here?” you ask, with a smile radiating sunshine and songbirds.

He shakes his head, muttering something unintelligible.

You recoil. Did he just deny you a seat on a public bus? Surely this cannot be happening. It’s raining outside, for crying out loud.

You make sure you are not misinterpreting his body language by reiterating. “Excuse me?”

He moves his head side to side, in a motion that makes you furious. To add to the damage, the impetuous individual decides to point in the direction of the only other seat available, sentencing you to a walk down the aisle crowded with bulging backpacks and bulbous body parts.

You vow to remember his face.

That last line was only added for dramatic effect – maybe. Though that experience may have ruined my day. It was as annoying as when this happens…

Now I have to actually READ the book to find out what it's about? Great...





(just kidding, I love to read)


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4 responses to “Being Denied a Seat on the Bus

  1. Boaz Lee

    Woah… ~.~
    That was very descriptive for a bus ride… :O

  2. Thomas

    The bus ride didn’t even begin yet – you should have seen the expression of distaste on my face for the actual trip. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  3. Cara

    Oh my gosh! People can be so rude, and I’ve done that before run like a maniac. Not pretty. I totally hate when they put a sticker on like that. I love to read too, but I mean come on I still want to read the summary! BTW I really enjoyed this post.

  4. Thomas

    Cara, it seems like you totally understand what I’m saying in this post (: Thanks for the comment!

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