What Not to Eat After Losing Five Pounds

Have you ever succeeded in a dieting goal before? Do you know how it feels like to walk on that scale and wait in anxiety as the number appears before you, indicating whether your hard work and perseverance has paid off? Have you ever felt the happiness that comes with losing undesired weight and fat?

Do you know what it feels like to mess it all up?

If so, you’re not the only one. Let me share with you my “victory” lunch today:

1) Three original drumsticks and one chicken breast (520 calories, 215 calories from fat)

2) Three bags of Orville Redenbacher’s Smart Pop Butter Mini Bags (300 calories, 45 calories from fat)

3) A Neapolitan mini ice cream bar (90 calories, 15 calories from fat)

4) A handful of M&M’s (Roughly 512 calories, 198 calories from fat)

Total – Calories: 1,422, Calories from fat: 473. That’s probably more than what I’ve consumed in the past two days.

On the upside, I bought one of these to help me even things out!

*I just read a startling statistic from The Innocent Lam’s recent blog post… Key’s bmi is 18.7! That’s only .2 above underweight! For me to get to that bmi I would have to lose 10 pounds… well, it’s good to set challenging goals. (:



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2 responses to “What Not to Eat After Losing Five Pounds

  1. I find the more you trying to eat less and eat healthy your body just craves all the junk, for the whole day I would be pretty good on eating healthier stuff but by the end of the day I find that I think about food constantly and raid my cabinets for food.

    • Thomas

      Totally true, the problem is being consistent with one’s diet. Maybe keeping yourself occupied by doing other things would help?

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