Biting on Cough Drops

So these things have become an essential aspect of my daily diet. Even though my cough has faded, I continue to eat them because they’re just too addicting. They taste like candy – and the package clearly promises its healthiness too, namely that each drop contains 100% daily value of vitamin C.

But is it still considered healthy to eat more than five Halls Defense cough drops a day? What about ten? The pros are that each one is only 15 calories and 4 carbohydrates, so they’re not a problem in that department. However, the suggested use the cough drop’s website states is that one drop should be taken four times a day. I wonder if these seemingly harmless little drops are actually drugs, as my friend said (I do not know if she was serious at the time), because it contains echinacea root and should not be eaten for eight weeks consecutively.

This is one of the many things I ponder in my free time.

As an ending note, I will explain the title of this post, even though it is obvious – I bite on cough drops. I attempt to suck on them and let them sit idly in my mouth, but inevitably I chomp away and reduce the candy to smithereens.



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4 responses to “Biting on Cough Drops

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  2. I was serious! They have medicine in them (most, but possibly not all) and you can’t have too many >_<
    Think of it like a tiny dosage of Tylenol in every cough drop. It's bad to have too much of it.

    • Thomas

      Yeah, I’m trying to eat less… and by eat less, I mean three in the morning instead of two. (:
      The ones that I’m eating (pictured in the post) are supposedly vitamin C drops, as opposed to actual cough drops. You might be right though, they could have medicine in them.

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