The (in)effectiveness of To-Do Lists

As I stated in my previous post, I have been inundated with a myriad of everyday tasks such as schoolwork and the like (high-five for the SAT vocab, anyone? Internet hug? Please?)

Anyway, I constructed a to-do list early last week. Sunday night I wrote all the things I wanted to accomplish Monday. You can see the list below.

I had to put pencils over the things that contained personal information, because I'm secretly in the FBI. You know...

Throughout the day as I completed each task I highlighted it and proceeded to feel amazing because I could track all of my achievements. It was going splendidly until 10:oo PM Monday night…

I had just finished my last tidbit of homework. Then, as I scanned over my almost finished list, I experienced something only a bit short of an epiphany, a realization of sorts – there were two things that I had to do before 11:00 PM, when I wanted to go to sleep. I had the choice of either watching It’s Academic on NBC, or studying SAT Math for half an hour. I knew I couldn’t do both, because SAT math is an abhorrent abomination designed specifically to slaughter my brain cells.

So, as the over-achieving Asian I am, I decided to do neither and read instead. Hey, it’s better than fanboying SHINee and Key for hours on end. Not like I do that or anything. Cough.

Do you find to-do lists useful? I would have continued with them, but I realized that if I don’t get one thing done my OCD kicks in and sends me spiraling into depression. Yeah…

I missed the trash can.


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6 responses to “The (in)effectiveness of To-Do Lists

  1. HOLY CARP! Haha I was just checking the freshly pressed and was scrolling through the comments and I saw YOU! LOL it was so unexpected

  2. Oh, and I suck at to-do lists, can never manage them. And now I’m curious about the blocked parts of the list…

  3. Thomas

    Ha ha, it’s a small world! Or should I say, small blogging community. (:

    Same. If you really want to know, you should join the FBI. Or ask me tomorrow, but that wouldn’t be half as fun.

  4. I used to have a notebook which I wrote my to-do-list and I find it ineffective!

    • Thomas

      I have a planner/agenda type notebook where I sometimes write important dates – do you mean like one of those? I can see why it would be ineffective.

  5. I use a variety of to-do lists (<– this is INTJ neurosis coming out right here). For assignments with due dates, I use Google Tasks and sync it with a Tasks app so I have annoying red notifications, and then for more personal or temporally-challenged goals, I handwrite a to-do list. The last week of finals, I had this one page which detailed everything I was doing for the next week and a half.. it's nice to keep things in prospective (I didn't misspell the previous word) and know when you're behind, so you can accordingly prioritize.

    so uptight! I was such a hermit during those times.. I definitely forgot how to talk to peoples..


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