2000 views!/ Key Photo Splurge #1

A few days ago my blog received its 2000th visit, woo! Thanks to all my friends and subscribers for commenting and being awesome in general – but more importantly, thanks to all my lurkers, who supply me with the views despite not commenting and hurting my feelings in the process. I still love you guys, in a way. Just kidding. Sort of.

Seriously though, thank you to everyone who visits this blog. (: I don’t have a niche nor do I have many connections at this point, so it surprises me that I have any viewers at all. Undoubtedly I would continue to blog even if my view count decreased, but it motivates me to do so more often when I know people are reading what I have to write. Or if you’re just looking for pictures of Key, that’s cool too.

Speaking of Key, I have a headache from taking a four-hour exam so I’ve decided that instead of writing something intellectually profound, I’ll just post a multitude of photos of Key. (insert fangirl scream… now)

Oh baby.

This made me think of Key singing "Friday"... so much good and bad in one thought!

Key in pink is perfect.

Key kissing himself? Now that's narcissism.

The OTP.

*Disclaimer: None of these photos belong to me, only the person featured in them. (;

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