Kanye Ruins Katy Perry’s Song “E.T.”

I listened to this song around the time “Firework” was becoming popular, when Kanye West wasn’t featured yet. I thought it was pretty good – strange, surreal, seductive. The idea behind it is original and captivating, though I can see why it’s creepy to some. It also wasn’t overtly sexual, a big plus when songs like “S&M” by Rihanna and “Tonight” by Enrique Iglesias have been climbing the charts.

Here’s the video:

I had mixed reactions after viewing the video. I liked it because the song actually warranted weirdness – I mean, how can you make a ‘normal’ video about aliens? Hm. But the parts with Kanye West killed it. He doesn’t add anything to the song or the video. Here’s some of his rap:

“Cop a Prada spacesuit about the stars
Getting stupid a** straight out the jar
Pockets on Shrek, Rockets on deck
Tell me what’s next, alien s**
I’ma disrobe you, than I’mma probe you
See I abducted you, so I tell ya what to do
I tell ya what to do, what to do, what to do.”

Wow, talk about completely unnecessary. The song was going so well until West had to include direct sexual profanity. It detracted from the mythical, mesmerizing appeal of “E.T.”, making it all too similar to songs about sex, bars, etc. Also, in the video, he just stands (revolves?) there and, well, raps. Boring…

Overall, not a bad song from Katy Perry, minus the parts with Kanye West. His pretentious lyrics pain me to the point where I have to skip over sections of the song while watching the video or while listening to it on the radio.

What do you think of “E.T.”? Do you think Kanye’s rap contributes anything to the song?


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34 responses to “Kanye Ruins Katy Perry’s Song “E.T.”

  1. Amen. I really like song WITHOUT Kanye. He ruins it.

  2. Thomas

    Agreed. Thanks for the comment (:

  3. Nick

    Kayne is awesome, you people are crazy.

  4. RabidBunnyD

    I have to agree completely. When I first heard the “un-kanye’d” version of this song, I loved it almost instantly. It was ambiguous towards and sexual connotations, and had a very stimulating sound for the imagination. I like to listen to this song when I’m sketching/drawing for my art classes and so on.

    And when i saw the video, aside from the Kanye parts I loved it just as much because of the creativity, and especially the make up work. As a sci-fi nerd, I have to say I was really impressed with the transitions and the art in it.

    But then Kanye had to go and beat the ambiguity with an “I’m-an-obviously-sex-obsessed-rapper” stick and I just can’t bring myself to listen to that version, even if it’s on the radio. I hate how he can take this wonderful song/video, which could’ve been an impressive work of art, and just murder it by putting himself in it. He doesn’t contribute to it at all, and I wish they’d re-release it without him in it.

    I’m glad I have a version of the song without Kanye in it to listen to because it’s a very thought and image evoking piece of music.

  5. allimae

    this song is absolutely amazing…
    all the way up until kanye starts rapping..
    he honestly ruins it for me.

  6. Jolene

    kanye ruined this song, as usual. His lyrics are disgusting. And I agree, I absolutely love this video/song, but always skip through the kanye part. Grabbing his crotch while rotating in space? Stop ruining everything kanye!

  7. Banjo Submovie

    Rap ruins everything pop/rock. It should stay in its own genre and away from actual real music with actual singing instead of rhyming talking while making farting noises instead of playing actual percussion instruments or sampling other people’s music instead of making their own (with a few exceptions; e.g. the Beastie Boys do their own thing, for example). Why today’s generation listens to so much sub-quality rap is beyond me. And people wonder why record sales are down when this is the crap the record companies push today. I’m not a big fan of hip-hop, but at least it’s actually music (assuming no rap).

    As for Katy, she has talent, but let’s face it, if she wasn’t built like a model and dressing in those skin-tight outfits, the record companies probably wouldn’t have bothered. Real music and bands are nearly dead thanks to the sex-is-everything marketing the record companies use. Someone like Janis Joplin would have gone nowhere in today’s market and we would have lost a lot of good songs because of it (and are for new music). It’s time for artists to self-distribute. Music videos are almost dead these days anyway with MTV abandoning them for reality TV. I’m glad I grew up in the ’80s when real music existed (’60s/’70s/’80s was where it was at).

    • Jerry Halloway

      You can’t live in some idiotic fantasy world where real music doesn’t exist. I agree, sex is a big part of music, but sex plays a huge part in almost every industry, namely in marketing. Sex is marketable. Sex is what people are buying now. Sex is visible in the pop-culture of almost every culture and age. It has only recently, however, reached such an outrageous height. But even in Janice Joplin’s era, music was making a step in that direction. 60’s? 70’s? Think about the hair metal era; why do you think everyone in Motley Crue and Def Leppard wore tight leotards and borderline kink outfits? They WERE the Rhianna’s and Katy Perry’s of their time. Acting like you are so high above everyone else because you “heard real music” doesn’t make you sound experienced. It makes you sound pompous.

      • Gabriel

        This song is sexual enough without talking about your dick. Very seductive with just Perry, vulgar and unappealing with Kanye. You are the one coming off as pompous. This guy has a right to state his opinion and it’s one that a lot of people, including myself, happen to agree with.

  8. Jacob

    Eh, there’s many things wrong with kanye’s interruption in this song. 1) his voice is wrong for it. 2) the lyrics and rhythm do not match. 3) it’s just him grabbing his crotch and talking about his d***. It’s nothing good, I think he tried to do a half of a flo-rida whereas instead of remixing a whole song without permission, he just adds himself in. He is never apart of this song, he’s just a wannabe. Face it, he had only one good song and that was it.

    • Are you referring to his song “Stronger”? I like that song. (:

      Yeah, Kanye’s part feels off when put together with the rest of “E.T.”. His impetuousness didn’t work well for him with the Taylor Swift scenario, and it doesn’t work for him in this song, either.

      • I completely agree, I WAS a Janus fan. But ever since his well um…”issues” he’s fallen off his game and is trying to stay on the top with highly sexualized lyrics and perform hooks on some pop song, the only thing it makes me think of a leech. I LOVED his rap when it was more R&B and soulful and meaningful, but sorry Kanye you’ve lost my respect.

        sweetest thing you will ever hear:)

  9. James

    I have to say I’ve started to loathe Kanye West. It takes a lot to get there with me. I think he’s a terrible human being. I don’t know what was behind the decision to add him to this song. His singing both in style and content destroys this song. The title almost makes the word “featuring” laughable. It’s as if you’d say a car features a great big rust hole through the floor. I hope by now everyone has found this very nicely done edit of the video and which I’ve enjoyed watching many times: http://vimeo.com/21898432

    • I agree with what you said about how his singing (if you want to call it that) ruins the song. It enervates instead of energizes. Thank you for the link, that version of “E.T.” was just what I mentioned in the beginning of this post.

  10. KP Lover

    The edition of “E.T.” WITHOUT Kanye West is fucking incredible. Katy Perry ❤ has amazing talent and shouldn't have let him butcher her song. I fucking love Katy and her music. There's no doubt that I lost all respect for Kanye when he added all that unnecessary rap to her song and EVEN FUCKING TOOK OUT A VERSE BY HER D:<! He's a total asshole…..

    • Rin

      I know! That pisses me off so much!

      Katy has a lovely voice, and the song is very nice in how ambigious it is about the sexual nature. It’s a song that gives a lot to the fantasy and imagination, while still being surreal and seductive at the same time.

      But it’s all subtle, and in a way, even poetic.

      Then Kayne West comes and and beats subtlety with a sledgehammer.

      God I hate him. With the exception of “Stronger” I’ve never liked any addition of him in any songs.

      He didn’t add anything. He ruined the tone and ambiguity, not to mention the poetry and the beauty. Like with the Taylor Swift incident he just interrupts this lovely song, and doesn’t even let it truly finish (SERIOUSLY?! WHY TAKE OUT SOME OF HER BEAUTIFUL LYRICS?! DOUCHEBAG!)

      All in all E.T., a great song, when it’s JUST Katy Perry singing it! >(

      • I couldn’t agree more with what’s been said here! I don’t like any of his songs besides “Stronger” either, and “E.T.” is one of Katy Perry’s best singles in my opinion, especially when West is removed from the equation.

  11. Joanna

    I couldn’t agree more. I first heard this song on youtube remixed with a fan video and fell in love with it. I have it on my mp3 player and listen to it all the time. When the radio plays the dumb Kayne version I usually just have to turn it off. What a shame.

  12. I am glad that I am not the only person that believes that Kanye West ruined that song…Personally, I really like the song, just not the version featuring Kanye. I agree with you KP Lover, lol. Nice name BTW.

  13. Fell

    I actually don’t care for her that much. Firework annoyed me to no end. But E.T. without west sounds amazing. Of all current artist on my iPod that sing about aliens…I count 1 maybe. Why sex needs to be in EVERYTHING popular is beyond me -_-

    • Ha ha I know how you feel. The posters above in the comments did a great job of debating about the trend of sex in pop culture.

      As for aliens, I can’t think of any other songs on my IPod that pertain to extraterrestrials… I’ll have to check on that one. (:

  14. Da

    Stronger wasn’t Kayne’s song orginally. It is yet another song he choice to rap over. It was orginally by Daft Punk called Harder Better Faster.

  15. ann

    although this is an old post I just recently watched the music video of KPerrys ET and was looking to see if someone else felt like I did. I love that ET is really out there and very SIFI cool. I think it could have been a classic. When the Kanye West parts come in they feel like an inserted annnoyance and no relationship to the core of the music theme. Like a chunk of mud tossed on your windshield that you want to wipe away so you can continue to see the road. No offence to West I like a lot of his stuff in its own right , but not here. Maybe I’m missing something But I would love for someone to do a remake removing those parts. I know ET could easily stand on its own .

  16. Buddy

    Personally, I’d like to know what happened to the original video with the hot blonde dancing around in the silver dress….that was a lot more appealing than this dribble with kanye west.

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