Key’s Top Ten Girl Group Dances

His hips don't lie.

Welcome to my compilation of Key’s top ten girl group dances, from #10, all the way to #1. (: I understand if you can’t tear your eyes away from the dancing figure above to read the rest of this post – I’m having a bit of trouble myself…

For those who are unaware, Key is a member of the South Korean group SHINee. He’s well-known for his singing, rapping, and dancing – he’s a triple threat, and plays multiple parts in the group’s vocals and choreography. What also makes Key stand out is his amazing ability to perform dance numbers originally made for female groups. If you are aware, well, you should definitely know that by now. If not, prepare to be enlightened.

This list is based solely on my own opinion. I don’t think there’s a way to say “Oh, well, Key’s hips move about two degrees farther in dance x than dance y, therefore dance x is better”, but I do believe that his charisma and execution of each dance differs. Most importantly, enjoy this ensemble dedicated to Key! (aka, list constructed by crazy fan boy)

10. “Chu” by f(x).

I wouldn’t have discovered 90% of the K-Pop songs I know now if not for Key’s dancing endorsement. I found out about “Chu” through this, then Nu Abo, La Cha Ta, etc. Now, I’m a huge fan of f(x).

9. “A” by Rainbow.

This probably would have been moved five spots higher if he actually pulled his shirt the move off at :12.

8. “Bo Peep Bo Peep” by T-ara.

No explanation necessary.

7. “Abracadabra” by Brown Eyed Girls.

There’s another video on Youtube where you can see more of his hips – but I like this one because of the sheer seductiveness of his face. Oh baby.

6. “Hoot” by SNSD.

That walk, those hips… anyone else think Key should be the tenth member of SNSD? He’s attracting a lot of attention to them already, SM might as well include him.

5. “Genie” by SNSD.

I like how he out dances all of them. Get it girl! (er, I mean, boy…)

4. “Good Girl Bad Girl” by Miss A.

The best part is when he gets on the floor, hands down. You would think that he’d be embarrassed, but his confidence took me by surprise. I suppose when you’re Almighty you don’t worry about what others think of you.

3. “Because of You” by After School.

LOL, look at Jonghyun in the back! JONGKEY LIVES, I TELL YOU! Um, the dance is good too…

2. “Madonna” by Secret.

I wonder if Key buys his pants on sale, because at my house they would be 100% OFF. Sorry, I had to use that one (it’s true, though. Just kidding. Sort of).

1. “Muzik” by 4 Minute.

This is the only one I knew the placement of when I began the list. From :48 on is perfection… the hips, the facial expression, it’s all sensual and for show. If anyone doubts Key’s dancing ability, this video is irrefutable evidence of his tremendous talent.

There are a few other “honorable mentions” that were too short to post: “Gee”, “La Cha Ta”, “Hurricane Venus”, “Mr.”, to name a few.

What do you think of this list and Key’s girl group dances? Should any of these performances be moved up or down? Did I forget to include any? Let me know your thoughts! (:


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11 responses to “Key’s Top Ten Girl Group Dances

  1. Venus.

    Thank you for this post! Hahaha, I admit. Key is a diva. He’s an awesome dancer.

  2. SkyofLove

    haha no but seriously loving this post, just sad I discovered it so late – yeaaa sorry for the random late comment ahaa
    Key is fantaaaastically fabulous in every way and so is this list xDD
    As an enormous SHINee stan I have to admit I have seen all these videos/dances before but I love the ranking. Haha when I was making my way down the list I had two specific performances/songs in mind that have been my absolute favourite since forever – Madonna and Musik – I’m so glad you think they’re top two as well!! =DD
    And on a last note, siggh why does he not perform Madonna more often? So.much.talent.
    Anyway awesome blog, will keep reading and following!! =D

    • Trust me, I don’t ever consider a comment a “late comment”. They’re all appreciated. Sorry for the late response!

      Adding to your question, why hasn’t Key been performing girl group dances more often in general? I need something to rekindle my fanboy love for him, hopefully SHINee’s Korean comeback will incorporate some awesome variety show appearances where Key can show off all the new dances he’s learned. (:

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  3. oooh can you do a top 10 list for Kevin and Sungjong?

    • I will consider Kevin, but I don’t know enough about Sungjong to make an accurate/detailed list… I’ve only seen about five of Kevin’s girl group dances too, but I’ll try to make one for him in the future!

  4. ohmygoodness

    I’m sorry I’ve left like ten comments all over your blog in the past hour but I have to say that for me nothing beats Key doing the Mister dance.

  5. My favourite has to be Muzik, hands down, and yes, I wouldn’t have listened to most of the songs I have in my iTunes if Key did not do a dance cover for those. And I wish he goes back to dancing those steps again. But, he hasn’t been dancing like he used to and I miss him dancing randomly e.g. Star King.
    Well, to be fair, there hasn’t be any great girl group dances during these days either….where most groups do nothing but extreme aegyo.

    • Ugh, I agree about how he has not been girl group dancing lately – his lack of dancing does not give a lot for me to fanboy over. SNSD, f(x), 2NE1, etc. need to release new music soon so he can flaunt his awesomeness… hopefully, he will if girl groups provide him with the music. (:

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