Cupcakes/ F(x) Teaser Photos

So I’ve been procrastinating a lot today. Look at what I made instead of doing my homework!

I actually made these yesterday with my best friend. Ladies, get in line…

Seriously, I have so many backlogged drafts right now, ranging from topics like Britney Spears to V-neck sweaters. I just don’t have the time to write about all the things I’m constantly thinking about. I wish I did though. Maybe if I invent a time machine…

Therefore, instead of writing about something that requires me to think logically, I will spam photos of one of SM’s latest activities! AKA, F(x) promotions (April 20 is nine days away! Nine is a lucky number in Vietnamese! Or something…).

The F(x) teaser pics are spectacular. I love their style in general – it’s retro but not over the top, and makes me curious to see what “Pinocchio” is all about. I even heard from somewhere that there will be Russian folk dancing. Don’t quote me on that.

So excited! I like how they made a pattern with releasing Krystal, Sulli, and Luna with face shots while Amber and Victoria get full body shots. They all look in their element and ready to wow with the release of “Pinocchio”. The group picture is so chic and stylish – I cannot wait for the video teaser that will be released April 15th.

What do you think of these f(x) teaser pics? I’d love to hear fellow fans’ thoughts. Also, if you’re interested in a guy who can bake cupcakes, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below including your phone number… or drop off a little something nice in my contact information box. Just kidding. Sort of. (;

PS: Is anyone else jealous of Victoria’s legs? I know I am… (yes, I might be male. Just maybe)



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4 responses to “Cupcakes/ F(x) Teaser Photos

  1. To be honest, never heard of them. I haven’t listened to a lot of K-Pop in the last 6 years; mostly listened to it in Junior High, but I’ve been looking for new music to drive my art-binges and project nights, so perhaps I’ll give them a shot tonight when I completely avoid sleep through the aid of coffee and ibuprofen. XD

    Also, my boyfriend makes cupcakes. And they are amazing… šŸ˜‰ Gotta love a man that can bake cakes.

    P.S.: I’m totally analyzing those posters from an artistic point of view on design right now. I am nothing but a product of my major, and a nerd.

    • Hm, interesting idea – I’m not sure how well one can derive artistic inspiration from K-Pop, but kudos to you if it works.

      Oh hey, that’s attractive. Does he know how to cook anything else?

      Don’t worry, one of my best friends does that too. I admire artists because they can visualize and create meaning from things I would assume are just ordinary, everyday items.

      • Yeah, he can probably cook better than I can, but that’s not a hard bar to beat. I suck at cooking. Unless it’s pork chops and potatoes in red wine. I rocked that recipe so hard.

        And yes, we artists can do that. In college it is commonly referred to “BSing” as we have to invent reasons and deep meanings to things we did in our artwork. Things we just did because we thought it would look better that way. I mean, there are SOME deep inspirations for things, but not usually as many as we claim. I’m currently working on a sculpture project titled “Ecstasy”. It’s probably the most complex submission in my class.

  2. I suck at cooking too. That dish sounds delicious – I wonder if eating things in red wine is considered illegal for the underage…

    No offense to artists, but sometimes I wonder how people can derive such immense meaning from things that just seem strange to me (although it is still quite a feat). “Ecstasy” – what a scintillating title, I bet it’s going to be superb.

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