F(x)’s First Full Album: “Pinocchio”

Image via allkpop

I’ve waited a long time for this album. I like it enough to write a fan boy gush post including the track list and some of my thoughts. Keep into consideration that I’m not an actual music critic, these are just my personal opinions.

1. Pinocchio (Danger) – Great title track, you can tell SM put a lot of effort into this one from the video. The song has an addictive quality, and the video is smooth and clean.

2. Round (Sweet Witches) – I like the 90’s sound, it reminds me of a fairy tale.

3. Dangerous – Seductive, sensual… similar to “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

4. Beautiful Goodbye – I don’t think ballads are f(x)’s style, but “Beautiful Goodbye” isn’t a flop – it showcases their vocal abilities.

5. Gangsta Boy – Hm, this one’s okay – I like the 90’s sound. Not my favorite, but I was pleasantly surprised by their comeback stage.

6. Child (Love) – Such a retro feel, if that’s what they were trying to establish then it definitely succeeded.

7. Stand Up! – A refreshing song with an unusual guitar beat, this one seems like the most different from the other songs in the album.

8. My Style – Their anthem song, I suppose.

9. So into U – Another ballad. Amber actually sings in this one, and not badly, either.

10. Lollipop (feat. SHINee) – HOT. As a Shawol (er, Locket) I must say it was well-played by SM to incorporate SHINee into this album. Not to mention that this is clearly a catchy workout style song as opposed to a ballad, so more people will want to listen to it. Taemin’s singing has improved, and Key’s voice is like oh my goodness do me now very attractive. I like it more than the other version, probably because I’m biased to my SM groups. (:

Overall opinions:
– It seems like they’re pushing Amber to flaunt her English, as shown by her slightly excessive use of it in “Beautiful Goodbye” and “Child (Love)”. It feels a little awkward in the context of the album, especially to someone who speaks English as a first language.
– All of the songs are good, but the ones that aren’t great like “Danger”, “Lollipop”, and “Dangerous”, feel a little bit like filler. I can’t imagine how they would perform “Gangsta Boy” on stage, for example.
– The 70’s and 80’s theme is well-done, but leaves me feeling confused at what image F(x) is trying to project with their prior songs like Nu Abo and Chu.

Those were my thoughts, what do you guys think of “Pinocchio”? Love it, hate it, okay with it?

Lollipop oh lollipop oh lollipop oh... (image via Vanillatinks)



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4 responses to “F(x)’s First Full Album: “Pinocchio”

  1. I really like “Pinocchio (Danger)” and “Lollipop”. I think it might be thanks to your song recommendations that I’m slowly getting into f(x)’s music. (Even though I’ve been an Amber fangirl for a while lol. xD) Your fanboying over Key never ceases to entertain me. So qt.

    • Ah yes, Amber. Quite the character.

      “Pinocchio (Danger)” and “Lollipop” are my two favorite songs from the original album, and thanks, it’s good to know worshiping celebrities is worth something… (:

  2. Victoria shii, is the best

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