I Suck With Technology

This thing makes me want to cry (image via verizon-phones.org)

I wasted two hours trying to upload a ring tone from my computer onto my phone.

Two. Hours.

I could have completed so many other things in that time. I could have written my article for the school newspaper due tomorrow, studied for my AP World History exam, scanned over my SAT vocabulary, run on my treadmill, or even have read a book.

No. I spent 120 minutes attempting to download a 14 second ring tone onto my phone. It would have been worth it if it worked – but it didn’t.

I won’t bother going into the horrid details of my efforts – let’s just say I was reduced to near tears and felt like the world was ending.

Has anyone else ever had an experience similar to this? Where you just can’t get technology (or anything, really) to work for you and you just feel like a piece of dog waste? It’s funny because after a couple of weeks I’ll remember this and laugh… if I don’t start crying again first.

This was the ring tone I tried to get on my phone. If you didn’t read my review of f(x)’s album Pinocchio, then let’s just say, SO HOT FANBOY DOWN FANBOY DOWN yeah, Key’s my bias.

Who expected a boy like this to have a voice like that? (image via fanpop.com)

Expect a more organized post tomorrow. By organized, I mean unplanned and probably random.



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8 responses to “I Suck With Technology

  1. At least, you can be one of their biggest fans. Two hours for a ringtone of one the songs!

  2. The new blog style is awesome 🙂

  3. My problems haven’t been with technology in general; most of the time I can figure it out well enough. But I have, however, been struggling lately with my Macbook Pro; more specifically, I’ve been having problems with the stupid Bluetooth on my Mac, and transferring pictures from my phone to my mac. I can send files (pics, ringtones, etc) from my Mac TO my phone, but not the other way around, and what’s more frustrating is when I try to send my file from my phone to a nearby bluetooth device, my phone can find my roommates Mac’s in the other rooms, even 3 yards away, but not the computer right next to it… Stupid Mac…

    • Isn’t it frustrating? I would offer advice but I don’t want to cause the destruction of your phone and your Mac. I’m sure your brother or someone with experience could help you. (:

  4. Ron

    I studied electronics engineering in the 80’s. My ultimate employment was no where related to the field. Even then the teachers were appologizing, saying by the time we graduated this would be obsolete, but we would be able to teach ourselves.

    My father purchased a new car this year. The manual for the radio is thicker than the entire owners manual for my car. He coughed up for the satellite radio subscription and keeps the radio tuned to one station, Sinatra.

    My wife bought me an ipod nano for my birthday. Absolutely zero instructions, but I muddled through it and now am a happy itunes customer.

    My wife’s car has no touch remote control locks. No key necessary for the ignition. The batteries in both remotes died at the same time, for a while they were not funtioning properly, the car assumed somebody was stealing it, so it just shut down with the owners manual locked inside the car.

    I am reluctant to let my wife change the apps. on my ipad for fear that it will prevent me from accessing what I already have.

    Could I pleae have a simple cell phone or desk phone without the camera, video recorder, autodial, speed dial or whatever.

    I am a simple guy. I don’t need gadgets, nor do I purchase things because of all the features. Who, honestyl reads an memorizes the entire owners manual for their cell phone?

    Technology is wonderful today. We can do unheard of things now, which will be old school in a few years. Just a few, plain and simple, easy to use single function devises are all I want. And, the factory ringtone on my cell phone is quite pleasant, I will stick with it.

    • If this isn’t a spam comment, then, you’re right, technology can do myriad things that we weren’t able to do on our own before. It’s great that you got a degree in electronics engineering, and I am glad you have access to such a wide array of gadgets! (:

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