Key’s Art Exhibition: Pent-up Anger?

So cute, I know.


... A bit disturbing?

Last month SHINee’s Key showed 16 of his works at the Boutique Monaco Art Gallery. I’m a bit confused by some of them.

The cake is okay, I guess...

Yeah, er, that's a lot of bad words...

I’m not an artist or anything, but I think that what he’s done here is a little strange. “I love ice cream”? “Humpz”? “Fu**”?

Of course I do love Key, he is my bias. I just don’t know what to think of his rather abstract and uncouth pieces. They look like average doodles to me, but I’m not one to judge – art is a personal representation of oneself, right?

But if that’s the case, then I worry for Key. Could he secretly be harboring an anger management problem? Maybe he’s tired from promotions and working on the next album? Overflowing rage from breaking one of his nails?

Or is it a message to Shin Se Kyung, demanding that she get the hell away from Jonghyun pleading that she leave Jonghyun alone?

Then again, Jonghyun did leave this little message to Key in the gallery’s guestbook…

Jonghyun's message to Key

 English translation:

You really do everything after you grow up…
Not bad, I’m crying…keke
Anyway, a whole lot of beautiful artwork
You have to become more beautiful yourself
Nah, what I mean is that …keep progressing

Jonghyun ke

Jongkey Fighting!



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15 responses to “Key’s Art Exhibition: Pent-up Anger?

  1. Mhh…I actually quite like the drawings a lot even though I never thought Key could create such stuff xD At least they are more unique and interesting than some stuff I’ve seen at art exhibitions. But you’re right I also think he wants to say something through those artworks…and I really hope it’s the second [message for Shin Se Kyung ftw] xD

    • I admit it’s not the worst thing ever drawn, but to each his own, eh? I personally hope it’s the second message too (; Thanks for reading!

  2. Ash_Hazel

    I just found your blog and lurked around here. Are you a Jongkey fanboy? :DD
    I saw these thing everywhere. I personally love Key’s cake artwork. And, what makes me happy in the first place is the Jongkey thingy happened here. Jonghyun’s message is just so… *c’mon, Jjong, you just wanna say that Key is beautiful. Don’t be so evasive :P*
    Eh, what? Hidden ‘anger’ message to Se Kyung? Kekeke… I love your thought..XD

    • Yes I am. Although I’m more of a Key fanboy in general, ha ha. (:

      I know what you mean – at first I was like, okay, some strange artwork from Key, moving on… but then I saw Jonghyun’s message and had a little spazz moment. Heh, he obviously is trying to say something to Key without getting Se Kyung suspicious…

      Thanks, I like my thought too (hopefully, it’s the truth). (;

      • Ash_Hazel

        Ahh.. I see :). Key is fabulous, fierce, and idk, unbeatable? lol. I can’t forget how fierce he was in Makbanshi *broke the bricks like a beast, then danced sexily like a diva <3*
        i don't know Key personally, and people might think I'm delusional but I really think there's something more-than-friend-or-brother between him and Jjong.
        nothing against Se Kyung but I want her get away from Jongkey. Ehh, maybe it's weird, but I started to be Jongkey shipper after Jjong got Se Kyung as his gf. Lol

  3. I know! I even wrote a post about his awesome girl group dances (which you can find under the K-Pop category). I’m not sure how many of the ones I included were from Makbanshi, but I do remember watching quite a few.

    Don’t worry – I’m sure the majority of the people who see something between Key and Jonghyun don’t know them personally – but, that doesn’t mean they’re wrong either. There are many theories regarding their relationship. (:

    I find that the people who usually say that often think along the lines of,” oh, Jonghyun is dating a girl? I’d rather have him be in a relationship with someone in the group! (or someone closer to him, more brother-like, etc.)” Not saying that you think that, but it’s a common case. Jongkey is just pure awesomeness anyway.

    • Ash_Hazel

      yes, I’ve read that post :). He’s the one who makes every dance looks interesting. I’m not gonna into Abracadabra, Muzik, etc dance unless he danced’em first. Have you ever seen his audition dance? So fierce and powerful *and manly.. haha*.
      basically… my main bias between Jongkey is Key, and before I know Shinee deeply, I’d rather to see him with Onew *and I didn’t get why he likes Jonghyun o__o*. My turning point is when they performed Hello *yes, after Jjong and Se Kyung are officially dating*. And Key looked so gloomy and depressed. I told my sister, who didn’t know about Shinee’ s members at all to read Key’s expression, and she just said, “err, pissed off? betrayed? I dunno… like..broken heart?” lol..
      Um.. I’m not the type of person who’s being ‘oh, I like this one. I’ll ship him with that one’. Of course I’d rather see Key with a guy *don’t judge me~, lol*, but I wouldn’t go this far if he didn’t show me ‘something’.
      btw… wow, whatta long reply XDD

      • Yeah, if not for Key, I wouldn’t be as into K-Pop as I am now – mostly because of his girl group dances. His audition was smoking, and I loved how he danced to Destiny’s Child.

        Poor Key 😦 Lately it’s been going around that he’s been looking depressed, which sucks. It might be simply because he’s tired, but I think it has to do with Jonghyun. At least that’s what my inner fanboy is telling me…

        Exactly, it’s not like we’re just making this stuff up – Key has definitely shown signs of belonging with another guy. Particularly Jonghyun.

        Sorry for the late reply! I’ve been inundated with schoolwork. -_-

    • Ash_Hazel

      Personally I love to observe Key’s body language and the way he reacts towards the question related to ideal-girl or girls-thingy in general. He seemed not interested with such question, and answered only because he’s suppossed to answer. And he got annoyed when people tried to tease him bout that (too many memories in my brain, I can’t even specify any example for now. lol).
      Jonghyun on the other hand, is harder to read. But the way he stared at Key *especially when Key was dancing and Jjong was behind him* and the subtle skinship he did (err, does) to Key aren’t what friends or brothers used to do. Well, only my opinion, tho’ 🙂

      • Yeah, like that one time when he was on that variety show and the host tried to play up his relationship with Jessica, at first it seemed like he was totally disgusted by the idea but later he begrudgingly went along with it. There are too many moments to recall on the spot, which is why we’re so certain of his inclination toward men. (:

        Agreed! Sure, Jonghyun exhibits skinship with other members as well, but with Key it’s more excessive and even caring, in a way. Whenever I see Key dancing I always think “I wonder how much Jjong is enjoying this…” heh heh.

        Sorry for the late reply! I didn’t get notified of your response, so when I came across this comment I was rather surprised. o_o

  4. To be honest, i’m really hoping clueless fangirls/fanboys dont take his “artwork” seriously… i can clearly see how there’s pent up anger (cause like stereotyped artists are always angsty, on drugs, or suicidal), but they seem rather elementary to me. except for the section that you label “that’s a lot of bad words”.

    • I know, you’d have to be completely in love with him to regard his work with a high level of respect. If I ever meet Key (well, that will never happen, so if anyone ever meets Key) it would be interesting to ask him of his opinion on these pieces, or what he was trying to accomplish by creating them.

      Then again, knowing Key, he’d probably just be like “I only made those to impress Jonghyun…” Or maybe that’s my inner Jongkey fanboy speaking, who knows.

  5. ohmygoodness

    I had no idea this happened! I knew Key drew stuff but not that he had displayed anything- it’s all very colourful! And the ‘Fuck’ thing is hilarious- I think SHINee are kind of the dark horses of kpop, sort of hard to read, but Key is the dark horse of the dark horses!

    And Jongkey is totes real haha- at first I was like ‘Whatevs’ but then I watched some videos and saw the gifs and things and I was like 0.0. There’s one video where there on a plane or something and they’re all wearing white? Anyway, there’s a moment where Jonghyun has his head on Key’s shoulder, but he pulls away when he sees the camera and he has such a guilty look! That jumped out at me because it reminded me of things from my own experience.

    • Isn’t it funny? I’m curious if he truly has some inner malice yearning to be expressed, or if he isn’t aware of how frowned upon the F word is in contemporary culture.

      Ha ha oh yes, Jongkey is definitely real… well, not really, because we’ll never know unless they actually express their love for one another and confirm their romantic relationship. However, it is fun to gather evidence and analyze their more-than-brotherly bond. (;

  6. Devkaleon

    Art is more than just hyperrealistic paintings.
    I guess if you see Kandinsky you’d say it’s doodles too. Don’t get me wrong, his work is amateurish, and he probably hasn’t spent years on studying anatomy, but it is what you would expect from a designer – the important thing here is not the words, just color and composition. From artistic standpoint. I guess the words matter for him.
    And it’s normal for any person to be angry about various kinds of shit, but hey, not gonna shot on your shipping fantasies.
    All I’ll say is, I’d wear most of those on a shirt anyday.

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