I’m back!/ 5000 Views/ Key Photo Splurge #2

Alas, I have returned from my testing-induced hiatus. I’ll try to post regularly from this point on, so expect complete and utter nonsense some awesome posts. Or at least average posts. I blame my continuously copious amount of homework.

Image via Cyanide and Happiness

That picture somewhat symbolizes my relationship with homework. Except that I’m not addicted to it. Although by looking at the time I spend completing it, one would assume that I am…

Also, this blog received its 5000th hit yesterday! Thanks to all of my subscribers and commenters – you guys keep me going, and I’ll try my best to update this site with various pop related articles/ book reviews/ personal things to keep you entertained. Because we all know that who I am as a person is no fun, which is why I have no friends in real life. ):

I’m kidding. Sort of. On that note, here are some photos of Key (whose name I wrote on my friend’s eraser today, so HA, I do have friends! yeah…)

So this proves you can be hot with glasses...

Tall, dark, and... Key!

HAHAHAHA... wait.

Interesting hairstyle. (Jongkey woo!)

Sometimes, you have to love fangirls.

See you guys later, have a great weekend. (:



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2 responses to “I’m back!/ 5000 Views/ Key Photo Splurge #2

  1. LOL I love the comic and fangirl comments. I also double checked my eraser, just in case you’re a ninja >_>

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