Weird With Numbers – Odd is the New Ugly

So I was meandering around my Goodreads profile when I saw this:

My first feeling was this strange combination of repulsion and irritation, like when you notice a pimple on your face. Or when you have to shelve a Harlequin romance novel with an awkward cover at the library and fear that people will assume you’re reading it.

But then I thought to myself, what the heck? It’s just an odd number, so why do I feel so bothered by it?

And then I had an epiphany – all along, I’ve possessed a subconscious disliking of odd numbers. Here’s what I mean:

– I always pause running on my treadmill when the number of calories I’ve burned is even.
– I always attempt to maintain an even number of friends on Facebook and Goodreads.
– I always stop reading books on an even-numbered page.
– For some reason, multiples of five are excluded from the odd numbers I detest.

I’m not even kidding. I suppose it might be that even numbers are more orderly and neat, or maybe that they’re aesthetically appealing while odd numbers are ugly. Not to be egotistical, but I really want another follower on Goodreads, just to get rid of that 39…

I try to keep my average rating even, too – I remember when it was 3.77 and I purposely read a bad book (or, a book getting negative reviews but seemed interesting) just to lower the rating. I was going to read it eventually, but I chose it first out of the pile because, well, you know… I’m weird.

Does anyone else have this idiosyncrasy? If so, please share – I don’t want to feel like such a miserable freak terrified by the number 7 I’m the only one.



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9 responses to “Weird With Numbers – Odd is the New Ugly

  1. Sandra

    You are such a joy! I just posted the same thing about numbers a few days ago on my FB account. If I see an interesting group and the “Friends” are an odd number…I join to get it to an even number. Oh, I have MANY other little quirks, too!

    • So what you’re saying is that if you’re in a group with an odd number of people, then you leave the group to make it even? (;

      I know, there are just so many – it’s amazing how prevalent numbers are in life.

  2. Shannon

    This is so me! I do the same things. Also like when I watch TV I always have to have the volume on an even number. With some things, it just doesn’t feel complete (if that makes sense) if it’s on an odd number.

    • I know what you mean! It’s sort of like, you’re already on 19, might as well be 20… did you know there’s a Facebook group called “Feeling uncomfortable when the tv volume is on an odd number”? It has over 250,000 likes (:

  3. But 7 is my favorite number! I was born on the seventh…oh well, I kinda get what you mean

  4. Scala

    One thing that irritates me about odd numbers is that they’re more confusing to add. But that’s all. I like number 1 the most.

  5. When I watch TV, I must have the volume on a number that’s a multiple of five…

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