Kevin Woo Has Abs. MIND. BLOWN.

So I was watching the music video for U-Kiss’s “Shut Up” when I saw this:

Hot, sweaty, half-naked U-Kiss members? Fangirl heaven. (cough, fanboys too)

Now, okay, attractive men are nice and all – but what the heck Kevin has abs oh my holy purple dinosaur. If you can’t see what I mean in the picture above (he’s the one holding the shirt), let me display another piece of evidence:

Kevin Woo's scary, er, hot abs via

Allow me to reiterate part of this post’s title: MIND. BLOWN. Not only because that’s really great for him, I guess, but because it contradicts everything I know regarding Kevin’s personality, mannerisms, character, etc.

As my friend and fellow blogger the innocent lam puts it, Kevin is a “uke” – she states that he possesses “distinctly feminine facial features, a soft and pretty voice, is slender and delicate, and comes off as cute, shy, naive and unresisting.” And I 100% agree with that. In fact, many fangirls (and some fanboys, heh) are jealous of Kevin’s fabulously feminine frame, which rivals that of female K-Pop idols. Just look at this picture:

Kevin pretending to be a girl. (S)he's so pretty!

What I’m getting at is that Kevin’s cute and gentle mannerisms combined with his effeminate and spare body-shape does not mesh with him having abs. At all. Imagine T.O.P wearing a pink mini-skirt. It just doesn’t work out. 2 + 2 = 5.

Surely this will work itself out eventually. It’s not impossible for Kevin to dance to girl group songs superbly and have a tone, chiseled chest at the same time. Though it is difficult to process, at least for me. So skinny and slender yet sexy and fit… the fact that I’m getting worked up about this may exemplify the gender distinctions present within my mind that don’t deserve to be there.

Have you seen any other male like Kevin (pretty, but with a splendid stomach too)? What do you think of Kevin’s abs? Initially I thought they were kind of creepy, but now I’m leaning toward so hot so hot so hot so hot accepting them as a sign of his dedication to healthiness.


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38 responses to “Kevin Woo Has Abs. MIND. BLOWN.

  1. hehehe I definitely did not imagine him with abs! Though lots of ukes are drawn with abs.. depending on the mangaka (manga author) sigh.. I will be unconsciously reconciling this image in my sleep ><"" maybe it's from being used to SHINee having no abs (except Minho) u___u


    • I haven’t read much of it, but I think manga usually contains characters with “perfect” body image or at least better than the average person by far – it still comes as a surprise with Kevin. I agree about SHINee, but not having abs doesn’t necessarily mean they’re unattractive either (Jonghyun’s arms, Key’s diva curves… ha)

      Thanks for reading and commenting! (:

  2. Jane

    I do remember Sungmin of Super Junior having abs when they were promoting their fourth album, and of course, it was like dropping a bomb on me. I was “ohmigosh”, the pink prince with chest muscles and abs and all. Even till today I still get the chills when I visualise his cute boyish face with those abs ._.”’

    And I definitely got a shock when I saw kevin toplesssssss!!! O.O *stares at screen to see if it really is him* but it does make me think of him in another way haha. in a manly way that is…. lol.

    Nice post there quoting TOP in a pink mini skirt, made me LOL literally 🙂

    • Kevin and Sungmin just show that you can’t judge a book by its cover… or in this case, a male K-Pop idol’s stomach by his girl group dancing. (;

      I think I’ll stare at his picture for another five minutes to “make sure it’s him” too. Just kidding. Anyway, K-Pop idols have definitely shown different aspects of their personality before, it wouldn’t surprise me if Kevin turned out to be this super manly man. Actually, it would. I’m still slightly shocked whenever I come back to this post… -_-

      TOP in a pink mini skirt… oh boy. Thank you for reading and commenting! (:

  3. bree


  4. Chritina

    OMGS he is so much hotter than i thought he was (not that i didnt think he was hot in the first place). But now i am kinda feeling down knowing that a guy can look cuter than a lot of girls….
    I loved how you compared TOP in a pink skirt lol i can c it now jk

    • I know what you mean, Kevin makes fangirls jubilant and jealous everywhere… it’s like, ‘he’s so hot!’, and then ‘why am I not that pretty…?’ -_-

      Ha ha thank you. Also, thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Oh my gosh! I first saw him in ‘Never land’ after I saw you had mentioned U-Kiss in one of your posts. He is pretty, more like pretty hot! I’m eyeballing that video clip …hypnotized… o_o

    And yes,Thomas, why am I not that pretty? Huh?
    Ha ha! Thanks for sharing:)

    • I know, he is pretty hot! You’re not the only one who’s been mesmerized by the video clip…

      Don’t worry Devina, most of us aren’t that pretty either. Especially me. (sigh) Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. EmilyAttack

    I feel for him the moment I saw Man Man Ha Ni. He’s so perfect for marriage.
    1. He’s American born and so he is fluent and can teach me Korean^^”
    2. He’s feminine like so I know he’s not afraid of the camera
    3. He just plain adorable!
    4. He’s 20.
    5. Adorable face, and abs.
    6. He looks so sweet and sensitive.

    • Yes, all valid points (I like how you emphasize his adorableness). I remember “Man Man Ha Ni”, Kevin had interesting hair back then… thanks for reading and commenting. (:

  7. Wow! he is so addorable i thought he shown he’s abs in public in the premier of neverland!ah who care’s we still love kevin right let’s show them all of our love!don’t stop showing love for u kiss:-)

    • Did he? If so, that probably occurred after the release of the video for “Shut Up”. I’m sure the crowd went crazy if he showed his abs in public… thanks for stopping by, I will try to write something else about them soon!

  8. Rachel

    Except that he admitted that they were painted on. I seriously wish they were real, though. >.<

    • I’m pretty sure they were real in this video… I talked to one of my friends about it, and she stated that U-Kiss worked out strenuously and dieted seriously for this comeback. She’s probably the most knowledgeable friend I have in real life in regard to K-Pop. However, now, I’m not sure if he still has them.

  9. Im pretty sure in one of U-Kiss’ videos or on a TV or radio show they said Kevin’s abs are not real. Its make up. But it does look pretty realistic.

    • Like I stated to the commenter above, I’m pretty sure that in this video his abs were real. One of my friends in real life and I talked about it and she said that U-Kiss worked very hard for their comeback during this time, and besides, some of them are wearing shirts, so what’s the point of concealing some and faking others? Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. LALALA

    No, they were fake. He even admitted it during one of those arrirang episodes when Alexander was still there. It was drawn with makeup. He still looks good, though. ;D

  11. ruatfeli

    I never thought that kevin have abs!!!Well i like it though

    • I’m glad you do! And In response to your second comment, I’m sure the company they’re working under could pull off convincing drawn-on abs.

  12. ruatfeli

    well i heard that kevin abs were fake but it looks reallyssss

  13. panda1

    Wow I was just googling Kevin Woo because I just finished listening to “Neverland”. I’m not a big fan of U-Kiss, but I might have to be now! Haha I love “Neverland”. And I’m really impressed with your blog! You’re doing a great job maintaining it and responding to all the commenters. Keep up the good work:)

  14. I came over to this post after reading your most recent one on Jacob Rudolph’s coming out speech. I just wanted to say, I love how you can write about all kinds of different topics, from the fun to the serious.

  15. Ben

    I totally love Kevin. Either as a man or as a woman, the essence of the person it is what counts. And he is totally how you can describe an angel on earth. Trying not get carried away of the feelings I may have towards him. He is talented, great dancer and singer… and above all that proving that qualities and adjectives we sometimes use as labels on people are just a mirror reflection of our fears and judgements. Either black or white, tall or short, man or woman… we all shine just by being human…
    Kevin proves to sine brighter just by being who he is.
    (and yes… I totally adores him) 😀

    • You’re so right – it is the essence of an individual that matters, not strictly his or her gender, ethnicity, height, etc. Kevin is quite talented and your affection for him is admirable!

  16. senchie young

    my kevin is sexy on his every angle!!!

  17. The Howling Fantogs

    I’ve never heard of him before, but he’s certainly a good looking boy. I like a guy like that who has surprises hidden away.

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