Iveta Lukosiute – Robbed! Farewell, SYTYCDS8. (rant-ish)

You will be missed, Iveta. May bigger and better things come your way. (image via poptower.com)

Well, last night sucked.

After a brutal (and by brutal, I mean brutally flawed) double elimination of four of the top 20 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance season 8, viewers were left shocked and angry. One of the four dancers eliminated was Iveta Lukosiute, a ten-dance champion and ballroom expert. It was kind of stupid, and I’ll tell you why.

Now, why the need for a double elimination anyway? Why didn’t they just send two people home last week? They had much more viable candidates, like Mitchell, who was injured, and Clarice and Robert, whose solos didn’t impress me.

I feel like Nigel only pulled out the “no one goes home” card just to increase ratings. In earlier seasons, when someone was injured, people voted for them to continue (Ashleigh Di Lello, season 6) or their fate was put in the judges’ hands regardless (Noelle, season 6).

Anyway, what happened happened and this week six dancers, none of whom really deserved to be in the bottom three couples, were voted as the bottom three couples. Ouch.

Then, the solos came up. As much as I like Nick, Ricky’s solo was amazing – so I saw the judges’ reasoning behind saving Ricky and not Nick. What I can’t comprehend is why they chose to save Ryan over Iveta. Nigel admitted that Ryan’s solo was not as strong as it should have been, and yet he decided to keep her. What’s the point of having them perform solos if they’re not going to serve as a deciding factor? (Iveta’s solo, on the other hand, was smoking) Am I the only one who feels that this elimination was hypocritical, as Ricky’s strong solo saved him while Ryan’s disappointing one allowed her to continue in the competition?

Here’s a quote from an E! Interview with the judges:

“It was just a coincidence that Nick’s partner, Iveta, was sent home too, insist the judges. “We don’t even think about couples at that point—it just worked out like that,” Nigel said. Mary was disappointed that ballroom champion Iveta didn’t have a partner in her last dance tonight. “Most of the time a ballroom dancer can’t pull off a fabulous solo, because what they do best is dance with a partner,” she told us.”

Besides my instinct telling me that what Nigel said about couples not being considered in the equation is false, I also wonder what Mary meant, seeing as Ryan’s solo wasn’t better than Iveta’s, and she’s a contemporary dancer. Hm…

One of the worst eliminations in the history of this show. Bye-bye, Cougar Town. (image via fox.com/dance)

I know this post is starting to sound like a hate-fest on Ryan, but that’s not my intention. I’m just frustrated that the only ballroom dancer along with the only tap dancer this season were cut in such an unfair way. As many have stated, this show, or at least this season, has become So You Think You Can Dance Contemporary.

I remember back in the days of season 1-3 when ballroom dancers and ballroom routines were such an integral part of the show. Snow and Artem of season 1, Heidi, Benji, and Dmitry of season 2, and Lacey, Anya, and Pasha of season 3 – all fantastic dancers that were given the chance to showcase their versatility. But now, with season 8, after only the first elimination no ballroom dancers remain.

Sigh. Writing this has relieved me of some sadness at Iveta’s untimely departure, but still, it bites. I’m not sure if I’ll continue watching this season, though some talent remains. Hopefully Iveta’s time on So You Think You Can Dance has supplied her with opportunities to advance her career as a phenomenal dancer.


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4 responses to “Iveta Lukosiute – Robbed! Farewell, SYTYCDS8. (rant-ish)

  1. Here here! The only reason why I was watching it was because of Iveta. She was a sight to watch! I don’t think I’ll tune in now. She’s a ten dance champion and one of the top in the world….and she gets cut….but then again, it’s because the viewers didn’t vote enough for her. The “best” doesn’t always win in these types of competitions.

    • That’s true. I feel that some of Iveta and Nick’s fans assumed that they would be safe and didn’t vote – or that if they were in the bottom three, the judges would save them. I voted but I always thought they would be saved if they landed in the bottom… though I was way off on that one.

      She’s a splendid dancer, and I wholeheartedly agree that “the ‘best’ doesn’t always win”.

  2. I’m still in the auditions phase… did they EVER mention later that Iveta has already been in season 5 (she got cut in Vegas)…?

    • Yes they did. The judges actually mentioned it several times, I remember one of them (I think it was Mary) saying that Iveta showed her humbleness by coming back year after year, even as a ten dance champion.

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