Embracing Cannibalism with Ke$ha

“I eat boys up, breakfast and lunch…”

Cannibalism. Such a repugnant concept. In history, cannibalism was caused by overpopulation and lack of sustenance – thus, people resorted to eating each other. In Ke$ha’s song “Cannibal”, she eats boys up because they’re sweet and they call her pretty. Well then…

We all know Ke$ha isn’t the best singer in the music industry. However, many of her songs have that catchy quality that makes them irresistible. “Cannibal” is one of those songs. Despite the abundant use of auto-tune and lack of actual singing (unless you count the oh-oh-oh-oh bridge borrowed from “Tik Tok”), it’s infectious and brings out the best of Ke$ha as an artist.

It's too bad "Cannibal" probably won't be released as a single - it's definitely one of, if not the best song on the album in terms of mainstream potential.

The lyrics are coarse and darkly humorous: “Whenever you tell me that I’m pretty – that’s when the hunger really hits me – your little heart goes pitter patter – I want your liver on a platter”. She even references Jeffrey Dahmer, who I learned was quite the creepy serial killer, thanks to Wikipedia. *shivers*

“Cannibal” is one of the stronger songs on Ke$ha’s album (also titled “Cannibal”). I heard it on So You Think You Can Dance, and have been listening to it on the treadmill ever since. Though its best attribute is its addictive beat, “Cannibal” offers a somewhat metaphor to how a girl can become so obsessed with a guy that she literally wants to eat him – allowing Ke$ha to display her ability to go beyond her self-indulgent song “Tik Tok” and her song crafted for the clubs, “Blow”.

What do you think of “Cannibal”? Is it better or worse than the other songs on her latest album?



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6 responses to “Embracing Cannibalism with Ke$ha

  1. This is a wonderfully intelligent post; these are the kinds of posts that I try to write but never have any good ideas upon which to expand. Nice work, well written.

    • Thank you! It can be difficult to find things to write about, but I think you can take almost anything in life and make it interesting with enough effort. For example, who knew pop music could contribute to an intelligent post? 😉

  2. Haha same, after hearing it on the show I listened to it like 3 times in a row; it’s so catchy!

  3. I’ve never listened to any of her music but I have heard about her and I gatherd from your post that she wouldn’t be someone I’d come to appreciate.To think this is what music has come to mean, it’s sad. But I will check out ‘Canibal’ to see the extent of the madness.

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