Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

Cover via Goodreads.

Rating: 5/5 stars.

I wanted to start this review selfishly. I even wrote “I’m going to be selfish and begin this review by saying…”, but decided against it after thinking for several minutes. I realized something during that time – I still couldn’t extricate myself from the characters of the book, even though it was over. And I felt bad for it.

Another epiphany occurred moments later. This isn’t supposed to happen. You read the book(s), you learn about the characters, you love them (or hate them), and you let them go. That’s what made this process – my personal goodbye to Grace, Sam, Cole, and Isabel – so painful. I didn’t want to let them go.

I’m sure I’ve said it before: I aspire to write as well as Maggie Stiefvater. At sixteen, there are many things I have to improve about my writing, and many more things I have to learn in order to do so. I honestly feel like reading this series has pushed me in the right direction. Stiefvater’s writing flows so beautifully and seamlessly, and it appears easy and natural. To me, Forever is just one big favorite quote.

The characters. I don’t think I’ve been as emotionally invested in any book’s characters as much as the ones in this trilogy. They’re all so perfectly nuanced and deep. A conversation between Cole and Isabel could make me laugh out loud, and fifty pages later another dialogue between them reduce me to tears. Sam and Grace, I believe, are the golden couple. As much as I would love to have Sam for myself, he truly belongs with Grace, and I’m happy with the way the book ended.

I could go on and on about the characters, especially the way Stiefvater threw in small details and thoughts that caused them to come alive. Instead, I’ll conclude this review by not saying goodbye. Sam, Grace, Isabel, Cole, and Mercy Falls will remain in my heart. Forever.


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4 responses to “Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

    • Forever is the third book in The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy – I’m not sure if you’ve read the first two installments, Shiver and Linger. The story basically revolves around Sam and Grace, who are in love but cannot be together because of various problems. One big issue being their ability/curse to shape-shift into wolves when the temperature drops.

      That little summary sounded kind of lame, so here’s a link to the Goodreads page of Shiver, the first book in the trilogy. You can find a synopsis, reviews, and other stuff about it.

  1. My copy just arrived! I want to read it immediately, but I’m saving it for my holiday in a couple of weeks. I love her writing – her descriptions are beautiful and I think she’s had a very positive impact on my own writing (at least I hope.)

    • You know, I have a cruise coming up in about two weeks and my dad suggested I save Forever for then – but I just couldn’t wait to see what happened to the characters. I’ll probably re-read it then.

      I agree, her delineation of setting, character, and plot are all fantastic. I’m sure we’ve benefited as writers from reading her work. 🙂

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