Titanic Made Me Cry… Shocking, I Know

I'm more than a decade late on watching Titanic, but better late than never, right?

I finally got around to watching Titanic last week. There are a lot of little things I want to discuss about this movie, but I’ll start with a summary of my feelings for it.

Titanic is a true epic movie. Though it was released in 1997, the visual effects are comparable to films being produced today. James Cameron knew what he was doing with this film – I’m not a professional movie critic or anything, but its success is undeniable. It received fourteen Academy Award nominations and won eleven Oscars, grossing over 1 billion dollars. To (not) put in eloquently, that’s pretty darn amazing.

But what really captured my heart and made this movie a favorite of mine forever was, of course, the romance. While some complain that Jack and Rose’s relationship ensconced the actual sinking of the ship and ruined the movie’s message, I disagree. Without the romantic aspect of the film few people would be able to comprehend what a disaster Titanic was. Few could understand that people actually died – people that lived and loved just as we do today.

This paragraph contains spoilers about the ending of the movie. I’m a huge romance fan, but man, did that ending make me bawl like a baby. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet conveyed their characters’ emotions so convincingly, it was hard to believe that they were acting. I cried profusely from the part where Jack was telling Rose to stay strong and never let go all the way to their reunion in what I presumed to be heaven.

So those are my thoughts on Titanic. Such a powerful movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio was quite easy on the eyes 14 years ago... (image via lookpictures.net)

I downloaded the theme song, “My Heart Will Go On”. I’m already considering playing it at my wedding if I get married:

Hopefully the 3-D re-release scheduled for April 6, 2012, will live up to the original film.


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13 responses to “Titanic Made Me Cry… Shocking, I Know

  1. LOL. Spoiler, are you kidding? Not a soul in the world doesn’t know the ending of the Titanic 😛

  2. Dan

    I remember seeing Titanic in the theater with my wife. It was a frigid Iowa night and walking out into the subzero weather after seeing all those people drown in the N. Atlantic just made us, well…cold! I think that Titanic is unfairly maligned today for having the gall to become insanely popular. It affected us quite substantially when we saw it. I remember going to bed that night and not being able to get scenes out of my head.

    Great blog, btw. Keep up the good work. I’m following your reviews on Goodreads, but it felt cheeky of me to add you as a friend when I don’t really know you! 🙂

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. Every time I listen to “My Heart Will Go On” I remember certain scenes from the movie and it makes me sad (in a good way). The movie might have been even more intense if I had watched in theaters like you did.

      Thank you. Go ahead and add me if you want to, I usually accept all requests as long as they’re not from people who look like they’re just using the site to collect friends or authors attempting to promote their book. (:

  3. I had the biggest crush on Leo for the longest time. His boyish good looks were to die for. He’s all manly and grown up now but man I had it bad for him when I was growing up. Lol.

    • I know, I didn’t really see his appeal in Inception but after watching Titanic I can definitely see why everyone has (or had) a huge crush on him. Not only is he cute, but he’s talented too. (;

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  5. I slept while watching the movie with my friends. Coz the very first time I saw the movie, I felt it boring. I saw only half of it( coz I really liked Leonardo).
    Later I was forced to watch the movie alone.

    I really liked it when I saw it for the second time(This time I watched the full movie:)). Though I felt like the romance hid the movie’s main message, It didnot actually spoil it.

  6. I loved it not just because of Leonardo(he is damn cute), but because of the cute love story as well. The departure of jack from Rose made me cry.
    As you said, the visual effects were awesome. The theme song is cool..

    • Aren’t there abundant reasons to love this film? Leonardo DiCaprio’s attractiveness, the romance, the visual effects, the theme song, etc. I’m glad you liked the movie after watching it in its entirety, because the second half takes everything from the first and puts it all together.

  7. bluetaful

    I just watched it a few nights ago and cried so much! The ending was just so sad, but sort of happy at the time…. like, it was great the Rose survived and kept her promise to Jack and all, but I mean, how happy can an ending get if one of the main characters die, y’know? Still, it was an AMAZING movie. 🙂
    The effects were awesome, the acting was excellent, and Leonardo DiCaprio was…. WOW. *dreamy sigh*

    • I agree completely! Overall the ending had the perfect amount of bittersweet love and loss, and there’s not really anything I would change about it. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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