Enrique Iglesias in “Ayer”: Much Better

Enrique appearing quite attractive at the beginning of "Ayer"

I admit that I’ve been harsh on Enrique Iglesias lately, due to his lukewarm songs “Tonight” and “Dirty Dancer”. But “Ayer” is much, much better.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have slight issues with this music video. He’s not really doing anything nor does it look like he’s actually singing, but hey, that’s what it’s been like for the past two music videos – at least this time he’s not surrounded by half-naked individuals of the female sex. (here’s a link to the video)

Those are my only complaints about “Ayer” though. As many people said on Youtube, it seems like he’s returning to his roots as an artist. I can’t comprehend the song on my own (Spanish 1 wasn’t that helpful in the long run) but even without utilizing a translator I’m able to discern that this song is coming from his heart, and not another part of his body. The music video enhances this effect as it focuses on him somewhat singing with the candles adding a nice visual background.

Overall, “Ayer” is a step in the right direction for Enrique Iglesias. I hope he continues producing this type of song as opposed to trash his previous two singles – maybe then he’ll recapture his success from ten years ago.

Enrique Iglesias appearing quite attractive (in the same position) at the end of "Ayer"

What do you think of “Ayer”? Is he making progress? Or are you not impressed?



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14 responses to “Enrique Iglesias in “Ayer”: Much Better

  1. I’m completely agree with you, Ayer is a wonderful song with no sex elements, it’s simply clean and beautiful.

  2. munteng

    pity i have completely no idea what he is singing. but i have to agree he is attractive 😀

  3. Gann

    Seems weird that this video and song is getting a lot of blog attention when his prior two spanish singles from his current album didn’t get any.

    I suppose the fact that it hasn’t got an english language hit out at exactly the same time hasn’t overshadowed it. Point is he never stopped producing this kind of song but no one outside spanish speakers noticed.

    That was the point of him making a bilingual album, that he could release an english language track which appealed to mainstream radio and spanish track that appealed to spanish radio simultaneously, similar to how hip hop acts release one song to urban stations and entirely different song to pop formats.

    One thing I take issue with is the comment that “maybe then he’ll recapture his success from ten years ago”. His current success commercialy speaking is much greater than what he had ten years ago. More importantly he fought his old label to not only release in this manner but to release the kind of songs he wanted, they even rejected I Like It outright. Years later he went to a label that allowed him more freedom and finaly he did and it worked better. I’d say that’s pretty impressive.

    It is nice that this track is out there and getting some english language attention although don’t view it as going back to his roots, to a more casual fan I suppose it might seem that way. I don’t view it as progression, only the video in a one take shot is a new and different idea. Then again I was rooting for a different track to be released next, so I may be somewhat biased.

    • I am a casual fan of Iglesias so I admit that I probably don’t know as much about him as you do. I do agree that it was a good idea for him to release a bilingual album to appeal to more fans and that I admire his tenacity for taking the proper steps to ensure the album’s production.

      This may be my fault, but what I meant was that I wish Iglesias would produce more English songs like “Hero”. It’s great that he’s attaining commercial success through his club-friendly songs, but it feels like he’s trying too hard to force his way into the mainstream. I can’t really blame him for attempting to make more money, but because most people won’t be able to hear his Spanish songs (the ones more similar to his past style) on the radio, they’ll only have songs like “Tonight” and “Dirty Dancer” to go by – which may hurt his reputation as a songwriter and singer in the end.

      It’s arguable as to whether his success is greater now than it was ten years ago. Escape had several English hits such as (obviously) “Hero” and “Escape”, as well as “Don’t Turn Off the Lights”. Either way I do believe that the English songs he’s producing now do not possess the musical quality of the ones he produced in the past.

      Remember that this is just my opinion – I am not a professional music critic or anything of the sort. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

  4. Gann

    I should really stress that his new album isn’t all club tracks in english and ballads in spanish, there’s some overlap there as well as him branching into other styles completely.

    The style and content he’s cultivating in the mainstream now isn’t really new for him. The Escape album that gave us Hero also had songs like Love 4 Fun, She Be The One, One Night Stand and Free Not to mention the overt electro -pop sound is what he did on his followup album Seven albeit with some rock overtones.

    Of course the label he was on at the time Interscope seemed to give him enough creative leeway to make these kinds of albums but always wanted songs like Hero as singles because that’s what was what sold. That of course was the tip of the ice berg. There’s lots of songs that didn’t even make it onto albums, not to mention the video for the song Sad Eyes which they didn’t release because it was sexualy very explicit and they felt it would tarnish the romantic image and then the original video for Don’t Turn Off the Lights which wasn’t all that sexual but displayed the kind of humor that they felt his fans wouldn’t appreciate. (Both leaked on the net a few years ago)

    Not that Enrique was ever dragged into things. I always got the impression he was comfortable with most decisions for years until he started feeling castrated.

    I don’t think he’s trying too hard to be mainstream or make money although that’s a concern but he’s already rich, the guy had a private jet when he released his first spanish album when he was 19. I think he genuinly enjoys singing up tempo pop songs. Afterall he always was/wanted to be a popstar in the mold of his arena rock heroes. He got into a rut as crooner because that sold and it was expected of him because that’s what his father was.

    Now if he wants to include a few songs that sound like his early english hits on his new album that’s fine if he wants to but it should not be ALL he’s allowed to release to radio.

    I don’t think his current output is going to hurt his reputation as a songwriter, mainly because few people are aware he writes most of his songs. Not to mention most critics write the likes of Hero and Escape off as pop fluff anyway (and they’d be right). Don’t get me wrong Enrique is capable of writing both styles with actual meaning such as Coming Home and Be Yourself but his main..or rather most marketable talent is writing great contructed sing along pop tracks. It’s really a matter of preference of which camp you’re on.

    I don’t think he’s going to lose fans, he already had a mass exodus in 2001 when he released Escape when they found out there was little like Hero on there or that it didn’t sound latin like his prior english LP. But he has gained some pop cred which has seen him have his best selling singles and most played radio tracks.

    • I see what you mean. I’m not disputing the fact that Iglesias is a great songwriter or winger, I’ve just been disappointed by his last few singles off of Euphoria. They are just too overtly sexual for my taste and while some probably do find them easy to sing along to, I don’t.

      But you bring up a good point by saying that he became a “crooner because that sold.” Despite your reasoning I still believe money must be a factor for this particular album, because though me might “genuinely [enjoy] singing up tempo pop songs” the videos for “Tonight” and “Dirty Dancer” were so, so bad. I can’t fathom why such a talented musician would take part in the production of those music videos, unless he genuinely enjoys doing that type of thing. If that’s the case… it is what it is.

      I’m not demanding Enrique Iglesias sing songs like “Hero” – I love upbeat pop music. In fact, I really liked “I Like It”. I simply hope he tunes down the sexuality that’s been prominent in his past couple of songs because it’s getting a bit tiresome.

      • Gann

        I must admit two overtly sexual videos in a row is too much even for me. Not that I’m personaly offended by that but I felt that it’s not good for an artists image.

        I don’t buy money as a primary motivation for the Euphoria era. Enrique isn’t exactly short on cash, I’d actualy break it down but my comments are long winded enough. Although you could argue the rich only ever want to get richer.

        I think he’s gone for it for the sake of his own ego. It’s no secret Enrique was really affected by the relative failure of Seven, his recent Behind The Music pretty much made it clear how badly it got to him. Enrique has never made a secret that he wants to be a big mainstream artist. He could’ve gone back to being a primarily spanish artist like his crossover contempories but he was determined to stick with it and eventualy was gifted with a comeback.

        Like I said before there is a precedent for Enrique and overtly sexual videos. Not to mention that the whole “sex sells” thing is a myth. It does sell but only if it’s done in the “right” way. To appeal to a broad audience especialy the lucrative teen audience acts have to be sexual but not too sexual to appear threatening. The backlash of bloggers throughout pretty much confirms that…although it also reaffirms that controversy draws people. I think that’s something Enrique does believe in. It’s no different to when he would be all over famous ladies in his early english hits.

        As for whether he likes doing them, well he is a man. Straight men like women. Talent or lack of certainly doesn’t change that. I don’t think it’s any deeper than a sexual song needing a sexual video…well not necesarily but that’s the conclusion that most would draw. It’s kind of sad that sex has overshadowed it as Tonight and Dirty Dancer are two of his better directed and shot videos.

  5. Shubh

    I know its too late now to comment on this post as it is 7 months old but to mention that the song & video both are awesome! (I don’t understand Spanish but i can feel it).

    Having read the comments above, I feel that Enrique’s old stuff was much better than today’s! Its not that i don’t like it but those are not the songs that would be long lasting in any of fans’ minds. I mean look, we still remember the glory of songs such as Hero, Bailamos, Escape, why? Coz those songs are evergreen! Even if you listen to them after 10 years more, they would still be entertaining then, which will not be the case with Dirty dancer & Tonight (I’m bored with them now only!). Enrique is a great artist (my age equals his career in music) & being a big Enrique fan, i want him to make songs like that! Even though Ayer might have not topped Latin charts, it still will be remembered in the years to come!

    Enrique might enjoy the commercial success with these recent sultry dance hits, if he intends for his longetivity in music, he should “go back to his roots”. Its a good change in music style for Tonight, Dirty Dancer, but now its time to go back where he is best!

    Now, when its time for a new album from him, I want him to release a solo romantic single, rather than featuring any artist. He can get into top 10 all by his calibre! Hope it comes out soon!
    Good Luck Enrique!:-)

    • I completely agree with your comment! Especially the part about the longevity of his success when it comes to his songs that utilize sex appeal to sell – those are super popular for a little awhile, but they fade away eventually and aren’t remembered as well as his songs like “Hero” and “Bailamos”.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, and for wishing Iglesias success!

  6. Naka

    I love it so

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