SNSD’s “Bad Girl” (HQ Audio + Mini Review)

Here’s the MV with HQ Audio:

I don’t know what happened here. This video is so… messy.

I almost decided not to write this post because everything has been pointed out by fellow SNSD fans, but I’ll share my two cents. It seems that SM produced this video just to make some quick cash as opposed to giving SONES quality material. The song itself isn’t that catchy but it isn’t bad, either, so the video could have given it that edge to make it more successful.

However, unlike Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl”, “Bad Girl” lacks conviction. After the 1:00 minute mark the girls appear frazzled and uncomfortable. The obviously poor editing doesn’t help, nor does the even more sloppy arm-flailing dance (and SNSD has made arm-flailing look good before). Nothing really came together with “Bad Girl”, and as a result, the video just looked… bad.

The middle eight of "Bad Girl" was so awkward, it was almost painful to watch.

What do you think of “Bad Girl”? I liked “Mr. Taxi” more, but what I really miss is this.



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5 responses to “SNSD’s “Bad Girl” (HQ Audio + Mini Review)

  1. I’d be lying if I said I thought the video was fantastic, in fact I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. It definitely seems like they didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about this video and it actually seems pretty low budget when you really look at it. Truth is though, that didn’t stop me from liking it, even if it was just for the hot outfits. I never really got the impression that it seemed awkward at any point though, even if it wasn’t exactly immaculate in it’s presentation. That may come from being a Jpop idol group fan and putting up with awful choreography for many a year that I’ve just become hardened to it.

    • Yeah, but I feel like we shouldn’t lower our standards for SNSD just because they’re producing in another country – so far the songs they’ve released in Japan excluding “Bad Girl” have been pretty good.

      The most awkward part of the song for me was the bridge. Usually the girls do an awesome dance breakdown (like in “Genie” or “Mr. Taxi”) but with this song they received mini closeups while singing in strange poses.

      Overall starting at the second verse the video lost its true “Bad Girl” vibe, at least for me. I don’t dislike SNSD because of this video but I hope their next work (probably their album coming out in September) will be better.

  2. ‘The middle of the video was so awkward it was almost painful to watch’
    Hit the nail on that one.

  3. Annie

    I’ve never been very impressed with their material….in general. Mr. Taxi was ridiculously catchy and obviously well produced. FANTASTIC middle 8 accomplished and the melody besides the lackluster chorus was very catchy. Genie has to, hands down, be their best single. Well produced, catchy melody, and enough vocals to hold it down.

    But back to this video. Terrible. I thought the song was horrible, awkward, and just not catchy—at all! To put it simply, the video was crappy, the song was terrible, and their agency has done better.

    • I agree about “Mr. Taxi” and “Genie”. The wheels kinda came off with “Bad Girl” but hopefully they’ll redeem themselves with “The Boys”!

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