Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

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Rating: 3/5 stars.

To write a book like Cutting for Stone requires a lot of ambition. It’s a novel that travels over three different continents, details a countless amount of medical procedures, and includes manifold themes, such as: the importance of family, love vs. lust, patriotism, forgiveness in the face of betrayal, etc.. It it were a poem, it could be considered an epic.

Unfortunately, the verbose writing style of Verghese stole the essence of the story. I can clearly see how phenomenal this book would have been if it had been shortened by about 100-200 pages. There were some magical moments that shone through, only to be ensconced by an inundation of unnecessary sentences, paragraphs, and even pages. I grew tired of this book and after completing it was glad to move on to something else.

The gratuitous descriptions detracted from my enjoyment of the story, but I would definitely recommended it to people who are doctors or those who have prior knowledge of medicine and surgery.


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