Reading Challenge – Books Per Year?

The satfisfaction I feel from finally being "on track", though unwarranted, contributes to my self-esteem. I need friends...

If you haven’t noticed from the proliferation of book reviews I’ve posted lately, I’ve been reading a lot.

Well, not exactly a lot, but more than I’m usually able to. With school beginning for me in less than a week I’m trying to squeeze in some books to increase my yearly book count.  Last year my goal was 150, and I got to 146. This year it’s 100, and I’m currently at 66. I don’t expect to reach 100 with the amount of coursework I’ll be burdened with once school starts, but hey, it’s better to aim high than settle for too little, right?

I’m not saying that the number of books you read per year is indicative of how avid a reader you are. It is quality over quantity, after all. As the years pass I think I’ll read about 70-80 books annually, depending on the difficulty of the texts and what not. If I go to law school like my family wants me to that number will probably decrease, but if I become a hermit and seclude myself from the world with a lifetime supply of novels…

Do you have a reading goal? Do you try to read a certain amount of books per year? The book counter on Goodreads can help you keep track of the number of books you read, and so can this site.



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12 responses to “Reading Challenge – Books Per Year?

  1. I don’t have a reading goal yet, but I think I should set one. Great idea. And for me, it will be as much about the quality of book as it is about the quantity. I can read a bit of brain candy in a very short amount of time, but it does little more than entertain me.

    • Yeah, I know people who like to make lists of books they plan to read and work through the list as the year progresses, maybe something like that would work well with classics? I’m guilty of reading too much brain candy, so I’m working to incorporate more literature into my book diet…

      Good luck with your reading goal if you decide to set one! (:

  2. Oh hey. I tried to read 100 books this year. How many did I actually read?…….like 25 -___- It’s kind of sad how I don’t read as much as before. I think I need to get back to it. Maybe I’ll go visit the library soon 😀

    • From what I’ve seen on your blog you seem to read a lot (or at least more than the average teenager). I think it’s understandable that you don’t read as much as you did before, after all as a junior you must be busy. I agree on visiting the library, it’s one of my favorite places. 🙂

  3. I’ve set my goal for the 2011 reading challenge at 200 books. It’s a lot, but I’m reading a lot of children’s books, lately, so I figured I’d better set the goal high.

    As for locking myself away with a lifetime supply of novels… tempting.

  4. Heh heh. I passed my reading goal this year 😀

  5. Awesome blog! I’ve thought about doing a book challenge, I do read plenty. Living in the mountains will do that too you.
    Found your site on the WP forums. Great work.

  6. Cara

    Hmmm… interesting post. I have a challenge of 70 books and I can’t believe how much I try to keep up with this and to no avail. It makes me feel accomplished to see the count go up. It’s kind of sad how excited I get when I finish a book now:D

    • I know how you feel! That’s pretty much how I go about reading challenges – they’re things I feel accomplished about, even if I end up not really accomplishing them… (:

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