I am Homework, Hear Me Roar

My handy-dandy agenda book, which I use to record all of my deepest and darkest secrets... I mean, my homework.

If it weren’t for rain, I wouldn’t be writing this.

No, really. Here in Virginia we received so much rain yesterday the streets flooded and no one could go anywhere – including school buses. The Facebook statuses stating some variation of “No school! lawlz!” were innumerable.

I guess you could say I’m happy about it. After all, having an extra day off allows me to catch up on blogging and book reviewing, reading, working out, etc. I must apologize once again for the infrequent posts, school has taken over my life so I won’t be updating as much as I used to. I know what you’re thinking: now how will Thomas release all of his teenage angst? Hm…

Back to the subject. I have a love/hate relationship with homework. Here’s the hate aspect:

Math is like my kryptonite, except without the actual pain and stuff.

And yet, despite how much time it consumes and the headache it causes (I’m looking at you, Precalculus w/Trig Honors), I’ve kind of come to… appreciate, homework. Before you chase me out of town with your pitchforks, let me explain why.

Humans crave routine. It’s been proven. I’m human. That isn’t proven, but chances are it’s true. Therefore, I crave routine.* The amount of homework I receive requires me to spend hours and hours completing it every day – and when it isn’t particularly difficult, I actually don’t mind it much. Like I’ve listed on Facebook, I enjoy intellectually stimulating activities. Besides, homework is a piece of cake compared to what other people have to endure on a daily basis.

So what I’m saying is, now that the first week (er, three days) has gone by, I’ve become acclimated to the workload and accustomed to completing it from day to day. Not having school today threw me off a little bit, as I now have to check blackboard (an online site for teachers to communicate with their students) and my e-mail for updated homework assignments.

Not like I’m complaining. Now I have time to waste on the internet get ahead on my studies.

What do you think of homework or the tasks you have to complete daily? Is it burdensome or do you enjoy the routine it provides?

*can you name what mathematical property I used to come to the conclusion “I crave routine”? Comment and let me know!



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13 responses to “I am Homework, Hear Me Roar

  1. Austria's Sister


    Eh, I spent all my time in geometry drawing and doing other homework. It’s a miracle that I even remember the word ‘conditional statement’.

  2. I love how for the past three days I’ve been grumbling about how much I hate the rain and homework and you’ve got a completely different opinion of it all…and a better one at that xD

    • Ha ha I don’t think my opinion is better than yours, it’s possible I’ve become so inured to homework that I’m subconsciously forcing myself to enjoy it just so my brain doesn’t injure itself. A form of brainwashing, maybe. o_o

  3. Cara

    I gotta say before I got into a college I would have said homework is okay but ehh not so much anymore. My rountine is kind of erratic so that is probably why. I totally wanted to Scientifc Method which of course is wrong because you said mathematical property. My brain is a bit too mushy to dredge up that:D Nice post. We had loads of rain here too but colleges hardly ever close, but it’s all good. It’s so cool how you take things in stride. I should do that more.

    • I don’t blame you for your routine being erratic, you are in college and there is more responsibility once you get to that level of education. And you have more freedom for extra-curricular activities and what you do in your free time, so it’s not like the only thing you can do is sit down and complete your homework.

      When I write personal posts I always try to end them with a positive tone, that way it’s not just a pointless rant. I still whine occasionally. Thanks for the compliment and for reading and commenting!

      I might as well just say it, so the answer is the transitive property. AKA, if A = B, and B = C, then A = C. You were on the right track though, I doubt I’ll remember the transitive property by the time I’m in college. (:

      • Cara

        Oh you will remember Thomas, I can tell you are pretty intelligent and you’ll probably know how to balance everything better than I do. I have to say time management is one of major weakenesses. Sometimes I’ll be good about it and other times… not so much. I am amazed how you manage to do so much:D

  4. Scala

    *breathes deep… sighs.* i like all my major subjects, and am fairly motivated to do my assignments. But I think I’m reaching my breaking point. I feel so dragged, pressured with each one’s deadlines. And don’t dare stop for a rest! You’ll end up stuck in the vicious cycle of cramming:

    Rest –> Cram! –> Rest (to compensate for the stress from cramming) –> Cram! …and so on.

    I’m a bit stuck I suppose.

    • I’m sorry! I’ve read about how stressed you are before and it made me sad. ): Perhaps just take one day off to reset the cycle or instead of rest-cram-rest try to steadily get back into a normal flow of completing your assignments? I wish I could offer better advice…

    • Cara

      Oh my gosh! That is exactly what happens! I’m trying to do better this semester and not cram so much. I actually have a class where it’s entirely impossible to cram so maybe the class will turn out to be a good thing for my bad habit. Hope things get better Scala!

  5. Scala

    It’s nearly the end of our semester, and I’m keeping that in view. Haha! But I think the strongest motivation that keeps me going is that I knew I can benefit so much from this toil. Surely I won’t be able to remember all the things I’ve learned, but the experience, that’s what matters most. The mental and emotional muscles you gain after undergoing such hard, even sometimes dreadful, process.

    Thanks Thomas and Cara. :]

  6. I think routine is nice, except.. when it becomes too routine and you lose all responsiveness to the outside world and its un-routine challenges.. of course .___. trade-offs..


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