Why Are Famous People So… Famous?

As human beings, we want to remain on earth after we’ve died. We have kids because we’re genetically programmed to reproduce and continue our biological legacies. I suppose the second best thing is to leave a part of ourselves behind, even if it’s not blood-related – a well-written piece of literature, a convenient technological invention, or a movement that changes society.

I admit to being ignorant. I didn’t know who Steve Jobs was before he died or who Rick Perry was before he castigated gays. There are a lot of famous people I need to learn about, and a myriad of important societal matters that I need to be more aware of. Yet I feel as if for every amazing individual who has amassed a respectable reputation by contributing to society there is a celebrity that has detracted an equal amount of progress by being infamous or famous for no real reason.

Aren't there people with failing literacy rates living in poverty somewhere? Do they not matter? Oh wait, I forgot, we have Justin Bieber. Never mind.

Isn’t it sad that there are girls spending their time talking about or attempting to imitate idiots celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Snooki? They could be educating themselves to face the world’s problems, reading to strengthen their thinking skills, or having plain old fun with their friends outdoors. I’m not even sure why the previously mentioned people are famous – it probably involves some heated Hollywood hookup or scantily clad scandal. But why do those things matter? Have we become so incapable of enriching our lives with knowledge and healthy relationships that we must rely on insignificant, squalid forms of entertainment?

Don’t assume that I only admire those who have taken on the tough battles. I appreciate talent, too. Adele, Oprah, J.K. Rowling – these are people that deserve to be famous even if what they’ve accomplished hasn’t stopped hunger or disease. The Quiet Voice is dedicated in part to pop as well, and despite the overwhelming sexuality in American pop music lately, pop can be pretty cool when it wants to be. If only the singers sung more instead of getting arrested for driving under the influence… well, there’s always K-Pop.

Then again, K-Pop has had its fair share of scandal too. For example, SNSD's extreme dieting and their allegedly having undergone plastic surgery.

So this spur of the moment post was influenced by this video I watched in AP Lang today. I guess through this post I’m asserting how dismaying it is that people have become so entrenched in unhealthy celebrity culture that they literally depend on it for satisfaction in their own lives. It’s especially upsetting when they idolize idiots individuals that set bad examples.

How do you feel about celebrities or famous people? How much interest do you think people should invest in celebrities, and what is a healthy limit? I know that I’ve talked about Key from SHINee quite a bit on this blog, and in my defense, he does possess talent…  unlike Justin Bieber others.



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8 responses to “Why Are Famous People So… Famous?

  1. Just a heads up, did you know that Taemin and Minho had nosejobs? o: It makes me sad because they both had nice noses beforehand… I wonder why they did it…

    Anyway, back on topic. That reminds me of how my mum and I were talking about the news before reading about college majors. Of course on AOL News they have stuff about Justin Bieber and even my mum knows who he is, which shows the prevalence of pop culture and its effects on even the older generations. Thankfully there’s a difference between a thinking adult and a teenage girl who does stupid stuff to… I don’t even know why girls diet and dress in revealing clothes, etc., aside from attracting boys and competing with one another. It makes me angry at society, honestly.

    I wouldn’t necessarily consider plastic surgery a bad thing, but especially for women, we constantly feel like we’re inadequate (not just women, of course, but it seems to me more predominant as far as our appearance goes) and need to fix things about ourselves that most of the time don’t even need fixing. (I remember watching “The Colbert Report” and seeing this hilarious but accurate clip about how women can fix their ‘ugly’ armpits… Because companies are always coming up with ways to sell stuff to women who they invent problems for.)

    Oh goodness, I realize I just went off on the most massive tangent. Well, basically what I have to say is that… Somehow whatever I start saying somehow ends up being about how women are oppressed in society. So I’m gonna go to sleep now. But also, Jersey Shore makes me ashamed to be from Jersey. Good night!

    • I had heard that Taemin got a nose job, but I wasn’t aware of Minho getting one too… that’s kind of depressing.

      I totally know what you’re saying and I understand that you didn’t mean to go off on a tangent, I could write an entire separate post on this topic too. I think some teenaged girls can’t discern the difference between reality television and real life, and thus to feel accepted they act like people they see in popular media. Hence the dieting, the inappropriate clothing choices, etc.

      If you want to read a really great book about society and its effects on adolescent females I highly recommend Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. I wrote a review for it on this blog awhile ago.

      Anyway, as for plastic surgery… well, once again, I could write another post on this topic too. In some cases it’s necessary like for people who are born with abnormalities that would hurt their ability to function in society or for those who were damaged in accidents, but overall, I think it’s unnecessary for people who just want to look better. Investing that much time and money to fix something that doesn’t need fixing, like you said, is ridiculous and shows the sad extent of how physical beauty has become a standard.

      Thanks for reading and commenting again! Don’t worry, I won’t judge you just because you’re from Jersey. (:

  2. Cara

    Thanks for doing this post Thomas. I do think that the celebrities garner more attention than other important subjects. The link was funny but it was kind of ironic just to see how scary it is that sometimes news channels do dedicate a lot of time over these famous people. I still I’m not sure why we have this obession and how much it really is hurting us. One thing is for sure, we could be using our time better.

    • You’re welcome Cara, thanks for reading. I agree entirely with what you’ve said, especially that the link was funny but that it was also disturbing in a sense. You’re setting a good example by spending your time reading and studying!

  3. RabidBunnyD

    Ah, famous people, the bipedal parasites infecting my generation. Kim Kardashian got divorced? I don’t care. I have more important things to worry about. Like exams, because unlike the Kardashian’s, I’m working my ass off to make something REAL out of myself.

    Now, there are a handful of celebs that I would love to meet, NOT because they’re OMGWTFBBQFAMOUS but because I watch them outside of their movies and I’d just like to talk to them as people because I find them interesting, like Queen Latifah, or I think they have great senses of humor, like Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris. It has nothing to do with how many movies or shows they’ve been in, or who they’re married to, or what their fashion sense is. I would just love to get to know them as people. There are musicians in that category too, like Alice Cooper (who’s awesome off stage) and while I don’t think I could understand Ozzy, Sharon would make a great conversation, and definitely Marilyn Manson just because he’s so NORMAL off stage, if normal is the best word to use.

    Kind of got off topic there, but point is I agree, that famous people take up way too much of America’s time and concern when there are more stressing matters at hand.

    Like the idea of Rick Perry or Sarah Palin for President.

    That haunts my dreams. Not even joking. >>

    • First off, I just learned what a biped is a few days ago in AP US History… so it’s interesting that you used that word. I agree that what you’re accomplishing is so much more real and valuable than whatever celebrity stars like Kim Kardashian are doing.

      I enjoy off topic comments, they entertain me – but yes, in the end, celebrities consume too much of our time that could be wisely spent elsewhere. Though I would love to meet some of my favorite authors, like Jodi Picoult or Maggie Stiefvater…

      Ditto about Rick Perry and Sarah Palin. *awkward body shiver*

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  5. You inspired me so read my response please 😀 It may seem a little out of control though xD

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