A Post About Key

I've missed this face.

So the other day I was thinking about my blog and realized that I haven’t posted about Key in a while. I feel guilty because I know that there are a bunch of crazy fangirls some of you out there who subscribed to receive updates about Key, and to put it bluntly it would kind of suck to subscribe to a blog wanting a specific and not obtaining that specific thing. Even if it that thing is a super sexy K-Pop idol.

I proceeded to brainstorm Key-related things to blog about – but then I stopped myself. When did I ever have to think before blogging about Key? All of my fanboying posts in the past have been spur of the moment, “oh my gosh he’s so hot” type posts. The fact that I had to force myself to come up with something to say about Key discomforted me and caused me to feel slightly strange, to be honest.

It’s not like I’m not a fan of Key anymore. It’s just that I’m not as obsessed with him as I once was. Maybe it’s due to the dearth of new songs or music videos from SHINee (December 7th, woo!), a lack of nailed-by-Key girl-group dances, or maybe the one-sided relationship I’ve always had with him has transformed into more of a friends with benefits just friends type thing.

I also experienced an epiphany that revealed to me that I’m truly a fair weather fan of Key and K-Pop overall. When Key and SHINee release a new music video or do something spectacular I’ll fanboy and possibly post about it, but when they’re just performing concerts and doing small stuff I’ll write about other things. It’s similar to the structure of the average K-Pop follower – when a group makes a comeback we all go crazy over them for a while, then they slowly fade into the background, and another group makes a comeback and we go crazy over them, then they die down a bit, etc.

I’d like to end this mini-update/ general notice/ whatever you want to call it  by saying that Key is still attractive. And that Jongkey still lives. And always will.

I wanted to save this for later, but I couldn't resist. Til next time!



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6 responses to “A Post About Key

  1. Maybe you’re becoming obsessed with…other people? Heh heh >:)

  2. Two words: That ass.

    But yeah, I hear what you’re saying about the whole fanboying/girling over people and groups. I’m one of those rare people who follow one group but then follow others not as much. I love SHINee, still do, and my love for them is still strong, but I also really like checking up on Super Junior every once in a while, along with MBLAQ and… Well, that’s mainly it. I love them all dearly, however.

    I’m also a SHINee slut, because, well… My bias seems to change like the weather. -.- It’s probably hormones. But my biases were… let’s see now… Onew for like 2 seconds, then Jonghyun, then Key, Minho for like a week, back to Key, and now it’s Jonghyun again. Um wat.


    Just kidding, you have so many posts devoted to Key it’s not even funny. CHILL, DUDE.

    Okay I what is this, I don’t even know where I’m going with this here. Good night, I’m gonna go read Beowulf. -.-

    • Yes, as a teenager you’re allowed to attribute all forms of inappropriate behavior to hormones. (; But yeah, Jonghyun’s pretty cool too, though not even close to Key.

      Ha ha, I’m not sure whether to wonder if I fanboy Key too little or too much… I’ll just assume I’m fanboying a proper amount then.

      I read Beowulf last year, not fun… you’ll get through it though, you have K-Pop to keep you alive! (:

  3. totally agree. I think that’s why kpop groups release such fresh stuff so often to keep the fever going (unless they go to Japan. Then we just sit around in lethargy waiting for them to actually release something new). in the meantime, I’ve gotten a tiny bit more obsessed with Changmin/Yunho =.=

    oh yes. I love that you used the word “dearth”. I use that word so often in conversation..

    • Yes! I don’t know anything about Changmin and Yunho except that they’re from 2 PM… but now I know they’re a popular pairing? (:

      And I use that word a lot too! Definitely not a dearth of “dearth” in my vocab… that was lame. Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting Michelle!

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