Questions for My Readers!

So I intended to publish this post yesterday, but I couldn’t because I was busy pretending to have a life. I wanted to write this yesterday because – prepare to have your mind blown – there’s only six more days until this blog’s one year anniversary! Hallelujah! If I had published this yesterday I could have made it super climatic by saying “one week” as opposed to “six more days”, however, I’ll still make an awesome post about this blog and me and you guys and the color mauve on the 16th.

For now though, I have some questions I’d love to hear your responses to. The first four are the ones I am really curious about and the last one is more for fun (or for you to announce how much of a freak I am, that’s okay too). These are open to everyone, including my subscribers, readers, commenters, and anyone who happens to stumble by. Think of it like a survey… or whatever you want to think of it, really. Be completely honest and don’t hold back!

1. I like to think of my blog as a mix of three different categories – book reviews, commentaries on pop, and musings about life in general. Which of the three do you like the most? Which one would you like to read more of? Is there anything else you want me to blog about? I just realized I stuffed three questions into one. Oops.

2. What do you think of my writing style? Is it immature? Pretentious? Obese? I know that it varies depending on the subject of the post, but overall, what do you think of it? Remember to be honest – I’ll be able to learn more from constructive criticism than obsequious flattery.

3. Are there any general suggestions or improvements you want to make? If so, please leave them in the comments. I’ll reward you with my everlasting love. Just kidding, I already gave that to about 30 fictional characters…

4. What is your favorite post that I’ve written? Do you have more than one? You can mention least favorites too. I’ll understand – and proceed to go cry in a corner.

5. For those of you who don’t know me in real life, what do you think of my personality? How do you think I would act like in person? This is a random one. I’m curious though.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these, it really means a lot to me to get your feedback. Once again I’ll emphasize that I appreciate constructive criticism, but please don’t say things like “Thomas, your blog sucks. No wonder you have no friends.” That would just be repetitive.

So I've come to the conclusion that I suck at art. It's good that I can write decently... or can I?



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14 responses to “Questions for My Readers!

  1. Be yourself and write what’s fun. Just write.

  2. 1. I subscribed to your blog for the books (I think I saw a review on goodreads) and I really liked your reviewing style cause it’s just straightforward, tells what you thought about the book, and is not 5 pages long. I’ve read reviews where, at the end, I wasn’t really sure whether the reviewer had liked the book or not. Also, I enjoy your life posts a lot too. πŸ™‚ And even though I’ve never heard of any of the people you talk about, the pop can be interesting also.

    2. Straightforward, self-deprecating at times, and funny. πŸ™‚

    3. Can’t think of anything, really. More posts? Also, I’m not sure how many other people come to this blog for your book posts, but some book blogs do weekly posts (I think it’s called a meme, though I can’t imagine why) that are fun.

    4. Nope, mostly cause I’m so indecisive I can never pick a favorite.

    5. You seem like the kind of person who’d act sort of shy and polite at first, then warm up and be funny and lively & such.

    • Okay, thank you for the input! I’ll definitely try to post more in the future and I’ll consider doing a weekly meme, though it would be difficult to be consistent with it due to my schoolwork… we’ll see though.

      Thanks for taking the time to reply to this! You’re pretty accurate with your response to number 5. (:

  3. I have four months to go to my blogiversary. Congrats on yours πŸ™‚
    Now for answers:
    1. You’ll probably notice from the posts of yours that I tend to comment on that I like your book reviews and musings on life best. When it comes to pop, I’m old and therefore like old person music. Also the sound thingy on my laptop is broken so I may never know what Key actually sounds like.

    2. I’ve no reason to flatter you, but if I found your writing or views immature, I wouldn’t follow your blog. I write YA and I find your views interesting and often eloquently presented from that point of view as well as personally.

    3. Since you’ve been blogging longer than I have and we don’t tend to blog about the same things (although I do review books sometimes) I don’t think I’ve any advice to dish out. Just keep it up!

    4. I like the posts where you use the posting to figure something out in your life, particularly the one where you decided not to be so self-deprecating. Like I said before, it’s something I do too much, and because I’m very critical of myself, I’m often too critical of others. It’s something I should have thought about a long time before I did, and it’s really hard to change!

    5. Hhhmmm. I like how thoughtful you are and I’m pretty sure if you were friends with my son I’d refer to you as ‘that nice boy Thomas’. πŸ˜€

  4. Cara

    1.) My favorite post are always the ones where you delve into some musings you may be having. I of course like the reviews too but since I am friend of yours on goodreads I don’t usually read the blog for the book reviews. The pop topics just whoosh past my head since I don’t keep up with the genre that much.
    2.) I’ll try to give something constructive if I can but I honestly think you have writing style that works for you and probably reflects who you are. If anything (and this is something I had to think really hard about) I would just say to maybe take out the snow falling feature because it bothers my eyes a little bit. Ok so that didn’t have to do with your writing style, buy hey I tried!
    3.) I would just like more posts about basic day to day stuff that you do, and if at all possible to post something once a week. But really we do understand that people get busy and have other things to do then blog;) Oh you could blog about book related stuff, like for example when a movie comes out that original idea was from a book, controversial books, banned books etc.
    4.) My favorite one I think is where you talk about how being self-deprecating can be harmful and how you were trying not to be so bad about it anymore. Like I said most of my favorite posts are the ones with your own musings of life. Hmmm.. I can’t say I have any least favorites. The only thing I know is that you definitely love Key more than I do:D
    5.) I imagine you as a humble, considerate, helpful, self-depracting, honest, and funny (you have lots of self-deprecating humor on here) person. That would make me feel a little dumb because of your intelligence but I wouldn’t be able to hate you because again you are too kind.

    Alright (I know this isn’t a real word but I just can’t bring myself to do correctly) I’m ready for the post about the color mauve!

    • Ha ha Cara, thanks for your comments! I wish I could remove the falling snow but I think it’s an ingrained feature of the site. Anyway, thanks for being an awesome e-friend on Goodreads and for all the input you give me on this blog. (:

  5. (1) I seem to see mostly book reviews and musings on life. I like your musings. They’re very insightful and can be applied to other people other than yourself.
    (2) —
    (3) —
    (4) I skip over some book reviews because they simply aren’t what I like reading.. but that is just me..
    (5) I kind of have this image of you as someone who isn’t very forward at first but has a very strong personality once you are comfortable in said situation. You are sensitive to many things, even if your face doesn’t necessarily show it. You would tend to give emotion and rationality equal weight, and sometimes go with emotion even though rationality points the other direction. You are very kind to others even though you privately feel that sometimes they do not deserve kindness. You would rather discuss than lecture. La la la, I could just about go on forever.

    • Thanks for your responses Michelle! I am amazed by how accurately you have described me, though I suppose I do display quite a bit of who I truly am on this blog. Either that, or you’re just an awesome analyzer of people… or just an awesome analyzer… or just awesome…

  6. 1. I like your musings about life in general because they really put me to think about issues I haven’t paid attention to and your book reviews the most.As for pop, I’m not really too much into k-pop but I like reading how you get all excited expressing how much you adore Kevin Woo and Kay!

    2. Actually it’s your writing that’s caught my attention from the start when I’d spot a review of yours on Goodreads and it’s from your profile there that had led me to this blog. I also find your writing fun and straight forward, right to the point. It’s open and easy to understand what you really mean. I really have no negative criticism but if anything changes I’ll let you know.

    3. I don’t see anything as yet that needs improvement. I too would like to see more posts but despite what you almost always say, you do have a life:)

    4. Many of your posts are very interesting but if I had to narrow down to the ones I liked would be ‘Does Being Gay Matter?’ and ‘The Benefits of Having Strict Parents’ and ‘The Right to Judge’ and a few of your book reviews.

    5. Behind the shy-guy exterior you might show the world, there’s another side of Thomas who’s talkative and plucky! I imagine you to be a fun, easy going guy who’s open minded and easy to talk to.
    From reading various posts I gather that you’re funny, intelligent, sensitive and tactful. You respect other people’s opinions even though you would sometimes disagree. You think things through before you respond, unlike many others (me). I should think that you make lots of friends:) Though you’re sometimes insecure (you know you tend to self-depreciate often) you try not to let them get to you, I don’t believe you let them.

    Write on, my friend. Write what you feel, you can never go wrong!

    • Thanks for this detailed response Devina! Coming from someone who’s read a lot of my posts I appreciate it, because you have probably have a good sense of my writing style and what not.

      I’m glad I’ve caused you to consider different issues, and please do let me know if you disagree with something I’ve written or if a post isn’t particularly well-written. I’ll try to post more come the New Year but I do have school (and… I guess I have a life, too), though this winter break I think I’ll be able to post more than I usually do. (:

      And yep, that’s a pretty accurate description of me in real life. Or at least my personality. The funny part is questionable, though I am sensitive and I do enjoy talking to people once I get to know them.

      Once again thank you for the feedback, it really helps me out. And I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! πŸ˜€

  7. Glad I helped:)I had a good Christmas and I hope you did too.
    Have a Happy New Year !)

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