U-Kiss “Tick Tack”… I Am Impressed

I’m way behind on all things K-Pop and J-Pop, but I noticed that U-Kiss released their Japanese debut while scanning this person’s tumblr – U-Kiss has been on a roll of amazing songs lately, first with “Neverland”, and now with “Tick Tack” (music video here). I’m not going to go into an in-depth review because Simon and Martina beat me to it, however I’ll share some of my feelings after watching the video for the first time.

As you can see, Kevin is still pretty. So, so pretty.

I love this song. It’s catchy in the classic electronic/dance/pop style U-Kiss is known for and possesses a powerful sense of immanency. This is reflected in the intense atmosphere of the video, which is set partly in a dilapidated building and partly in a room with a clock in the background.

The theme of time was expressed effectively throughout the video. The clock in the background, how they’re holding pocket watches, and the clock-like dance moves all tie back together which makes this video more cohesive than most of its J-Pop counterparts. The dancing is wonderful, as they all display passion and unity while performing some of the most interesting moves I’ve seen thus far. I will learn that skateboard shuffle step move… one day…

I’m not exactly sure what’s being conveyed by the lyrics, though the English sounds nice despite the fact that it doesn’t make 100% sense… unless Kevin can turn on broken lights with his beautifully feminine face.

Sexy suits for the win?

Overall this song and its video has made me an official fan of U-Kiss. Before I had only admired Kevin’s gorgeousness them from afar, but with “Tick Tack” they’ve shown that they can be consistent even when debuting in another country. Other K-Pop groups debuting in Japan should take note, such as, um, SHINee, who’s Japanese album “The First” I will be writing about soon.

I enjoyed the equal usage of the seven members of U-Kiss in this video, the connection between the song and the video itself, Kevin’s face, and pretty much the entire video as a whole. What do you think of the song or the video?

A U-Kiss video wouldn't be complete without a seductive stare from Kevin. Now I want his gloves.


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8 responses to “U-Kiss “Tick Tack”… I Am Impressed

  1. Alyssa

    U-KISS has just been getting better and better! The video and song are FREAKIN’ AMAZINGLY AWESOME even though the English doesn’t really make sense since most of the time when it sounds as if they’re saying “tonight,” they’re actually saying “to lie.”
    Also, I think they deserve a lot more recognition because of their intense dances and ability to sing well despite performing such complicated moves.
    Annnnnnnnnnd I didn’t think it was even possible for Kevin to get more attractive than he already was ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Are they really saying “to lie”? “Tonight” makes more sense even if it is repetitive, but that’s only a minor foil… I agree, they are amazingly awesome. (:

      True, I think U-Kiss is garnering more attention nowadays especially after “Neverland” and this song. Kevin… ditto.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. OH MY G-D. -scream- A REVIEW OF “TICK TACK”, I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS. This makes me very happy, actually.

    I remember watching the video when it was mostly released aside from the last 30 seconds or so, and I was just mesmerized by the dancing and the music. As you know, it is friggen intense. (Is it sad that I didn’t know it was an original song and not a remake of a Korean one…?)

    -sighs- And they all look exceptionally amazing, as you mentioned. I still don’t know who anyone aside from Dongho is, to be honest. It makes me feel bad. I’ll learn eventually. 😀

    As for the review of “The First”… I liked about half the album, just saying. See ya~ You don’t have break yet, do you? -still has to go to school-

    • I know, I haven’t blogged about any type of music in a while. -_-

      Ha ha it’s okay that you didn’t know, I’m not that knowledgeable either. Though if this awesome song were to have been previously released in Korea I probably would’ve known about it… or more dedicated U-Kiss fans would’ve, at least.

      I also feel you there, the only person I can comfortably tell apart from the others is Kevin… simply because he’s so pretty. I will join you in your pursuit to learn who they each are.

      As for The First… eh. I’m glad you liked about half of the album though. My break starts on Friday, only a day and a half away!

  3. KaramelKissMe

    Hehe. You did Tick Tack, too. Very cool. I think I completely lost my heart to Kevin after I saw this one, and the latest, J-single, Forbidden Love, with the crotch caress seen ’round the world (particularly on my computer and iPod 50 trillion times) makes me wanna hop a plane and FIND that boy and make him a man!

    Sigh. I really need to stop fangirling…

    Tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow…

    • Oh yes, the crotch caress (nice alliteration). I think this comment might have made my day, I actually posted about “Forbidden Love”! And don’t try to repress your fangirling, just let it all out. (:

      • KaramelKissMe

        Hehe. I loved all over your ‘Forbodden Love’ post as well! I fangirl him so hard it’s actually shameful. >.> I watched him all day yesterday, wondering how I could get him to grab it in slow mo… (His face in that moment is just priceless).

        My birthday is Friday. Is it sad that I made everyone I know make something Kevin-oriented for me to take my fangirling to the next level? lol.

        • I am 100% sure there are fangirls out there who spend their time making gifs of Kevin’s various… dance moves, so don’t feel guilty! His face is quite pleasing to watch while he’s in the moment, ha.

          Happy belated Birthday! I think it’s considerate of you to do that in a way, that way they know what you want and won’t waste time purchasing/crafting things you won’t appreciate. Maybe I’m saying that because I tell my friends to get me book-related things… hm.

          Thanks for reading and commenting!

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