It’s Starting to Resemble the Holiday Season

The title of this post is supposed to be a parody of this song… get it? No? Never mind…

Anyway, I only have one more day of school left before I am free until after New Year’s. Of course I’ll be doing things like spending time with friends, attending a tennis camp for a few days, and living life in general (I know, you guys must be proud of me) but I’ll also get more time to read, write, and blog! Woo!

I’ve already received a few gifts, such as this beautifully wrapped one:

I wish I could wrap presents this neatly.

I vowed not to open any of my gifts until Christmas day, but I couldn’t resist finding out what this friend gave me:

A book! I'm looking forward to reading this one, its cover reminds me of Marcelo in the Real World.

Though receiving gifts is awesome, I have to say the best part about Christmas is the general atmosphere around me. Most people are cheerful and happy that the holiday season has finally arrived, and it’s nice to take a break from stressing about school or worrying about one’s job. Though my least favorite part of Christmas and the holiday season is all the food – occasionally I overeat and end up regretting it later.

Are you guys planning anything special over the holiday season? Traveling anywhere? What’s your favorite and least favorite part of the holiday season? I’m sure I’m not the only one who dislikes the weight gain…

By the way, I posted two tiny reviews (or, thoughts) on Goodreads that I figured weren’t worth cross-posting on this blog. If you want to check out my rating for Cicero’s de Amicitia or The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, you can click on this link and this link respectively.


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11 responses to “It’s Starting to Resemble the Holiday Season

  1. “Of course I’ll be doing things like spending time with friends, attending a tennis camp for a few days, and living life in general (I know, you guys must be proud of me) but I’ll also get more time to read, write, and blog! Woo!”

    Congratulations! Have fun.

  2. If you’re going to tennis camp, that is license to give yourself a bit of a break on holiday indulgence. Enjoy real life. Hope you’re holiday is the best!

  3. I have had a lot of problems with overeating, but Weight is NOT one of them. My belly refuses to grow regardless of the amount of food taken.(the toilet comes into play here). And I can’t decide if its a blessing or a curse.

  4. Glad to hear that you’re getting into the holiday spirit, me… not so much , the fun of Christmas wears away year by year to me but guess I still feel something… it’s sad, I know.
    Early presents, yay! I’ve gotten books for Christmas too, I got to pick them! (The Da Vinci Code and The Fellowship of the Ring)

    It’s a Christmas at home this year, nothing special. And yes, you’re not the only one who doesn’t like weight gain, it’s a never ending battle.I’ve passed on the cake and ice cream … okay so I had some but I’m sure I’ll burn the calories stressing out for the next year, but there wouldn’t be much of a next year if the world ends.Not that I believe that it will.

    Relax and have fun at camp!

    Happy Holidays!

    • I know how you feel, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the stage of loving Christmas like I used to as a kid – it’s still a fun holiday though. And getting books for Christmas is awesome, I’ve read the Da Vinci Code and a bunch of my friends love the Lord of the Rings series. (:

      Ha ha, yes… gain weight, then exercise and stress it out -> perfect balance. I don’t believe the world will end either.

      Thanks Devina, and happy holidays to you too!

  5. Ron

    No travel, most of our family lives within a two hour drive of each other, and we do tend to interact quite a bit throughout the year. There are two nephews that are thousands of miles away, they can not make it each year.
    My sister in law has thankfully hosted our family this year, as she does every year. 14 in total at her house.

    Thankfully, it is looking like the end of Christmas now. I seemed to have piled a record number of garbage bags and recycling at the curb this year. I don’t know why, but not since we moved into this house can I remember ever leaving such a bounty for the sanitation department. That pile looked liked and signified the end of Christmas. We hosted my step son and his family. Two days of food preparation, Gramma awaiting and hoping that the online ordered toys would arrive on time and as ordered. Wrapping, packing, cards, the time and effort put into getting what she thinks the kids will like. Did I say Gramma? Yes. The kid’d kids are having kids. Seems like not so long ago I actually anticipated the arrival of Christmas.

    Autumn, the first signs of snow, the first snowfall that lasted, perhaps waking to enough snow one morning that school would be cancelled. The Christmas play at school. The department store Christmas catalog with its pages of Chrismas themed pictures. Neighbours putting up Christmas lights. Out doors was so much more fun in the winter. Going into downtown Toronto with the decorated streets and display windows overflowing with Christmas. Crowds of people pressed up against the glass. The Santa Claus parade.

    Somehow, it seems to have deteriorated into just another mindless ritual. Shopping centres packed with shoppers, pushing, shoving, grabbing, gimme gimme, cutting in line, fighting over parking spots, a line up of traffic clogging a major highway with people exiting to a shopping centre. The latest, trendy must have electronic – that must be presented otherwise the little darlings will grow up to be axe murderers if deprived of-gadget. Soon to be forgotten/lost/broken or no longer compatible with version 4.216 software.
    The stores that uncerimoniously relegate the Hallowe’en displays to the trash heap of the obsolete in order to get the Chrismas merchandising accomplished before they open on November 1. Now, the shopping centres dismantle the Santa’s Village, the wonderful, joyful symbol of Peace on Earth and goodwill blah blah blah is just something else that will take up valuable storage space, just another annoying cost of doing business. Forgotten for another 11 months seemingly along with what we are all trying to make an effort to practice for a few weeks. Psuedo Christians with their paid statutory holiday, somehow this is not contrary to the separation of church and state doctrine.

    Perhaps Mr. Scrooge was not so wrong. Let people keep Chrismas in their own way. Celebrate it as you wish, give, receive, whatever makes you and your loved ones happy. It just seems so shallow these days.

    • Wow, it seems like you had an interesting Christmas! For the gift-giving, it can seem materialistic at times, though I do think it really is just a part of the tradition and adds to the atmosphere. I know a lot of people aren’t into giving gifts (my family, for instance) and usually just utilize the time to get together in a cozy way. At least for this year it’s over, right? (:

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