My One Resolution For 2012

“What’s your most impressive accomplishment?”

That’s the question one of my tennis coaches asked me a few days ago. Unsurprisingly, I stood there, speechless, unable to answer. What is my most impressive accomplishment? How am I supposed to know what is truly impressive? In fact, what can I even consider an accomplishment?

Was it my writing and maintaining a blog, like he suggested? Of course I love this blog, and I would say that it is one of my most impressive accomplishments, but I’m not sure if it’s the most impressive accomplishment. I don’t think my parents would be that proud of this blog. They would probably say the straight A’s I garnered sophomore year are my biggest feat – but aren’t they just grades? I worked hard to get them and yet, many people attain straight A’s, some without even trying.

The point I’m trying to make is that what is impressive to one person can be completely worthless to another. That being established, what’s impressive, and what’s important, is really what matters to me. What is something that I can do to make myself proud? Something that I can proclaim that I am impressed by, that is my most amazing achievement?

Lately I’ve been doing some soul-searching concerning what I want from my life, and I believe I’ve found the answer. Granted, it may change, as these things do, but for now, here’s what it is: I want to make a difference. I want to cause positive social change, and consequently help people who are suffering.

I know, so unoriginal. So preachy. But this is who I am and who I want to be, and by the time I die I want to be able to say “I did it. I made a difference. I made this person’s life better, and this person’s life better, and this person’s life better. I am proud of myself, and I’ve accomplished amazing things.”

So this is my one resolution for the year 2012: I will work toward that goal that’s in bold above. I’m still a teenager in high school so I doubt I can make much change at this point, but I will work hard so that I can get to that point. I will exert as much effort as possible in school to obtain the best opportunities for myself, I will read and write as much as I can to improve my English skills for whatever profession I will have, and I will learn and live and live and learn – so that one day, I will be able to make a difference.

I will make a difference.

I will.

Thoughts? What are your resolutions? Once again I hope everyone is having a great New Years Eve and will have equally fantastic New Years Day!



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16 responses to “My One Resolution For 2012

  1. I am not big on the resolution thing (considering that I hardly managed to finish my 2011 goodreads challenge–thanks to novels in verse), but kudos to you, Thomas. Your goal isn’t trite or cliche by any sort of imagination. Believe me: things are easier said than done.

    • That’s true, but I’m determined to achieve this resolution… otherwise, I’m not sure what my purpose in life would be (does that sound melodramatic? I don’t mean it to be.) Hey, at least you finished your Goodreads challenge. I’m 14 books short of mine. 😦

      Even though you’re not a fan of resolutions I still wish you a Happy New Year!

  2. Oh, that’s not preachy and don’t say unoriginal, it makes it sound moth-eaten, the idea’s mentioned before because it’s one of purpose, a good cause worth the time and energy put into it. Once you’re determined you can do it and as you’ve said, you definitely will, so stick to it 🙂
    My #1 resolution would be: Quit Procrastinating.
    followed by
    #2 Pass my up coming exams with flying colours.
    and it’s quite a list so I should stop right there … I’m a bit lazy right now so I’ll get around posting it soon enough:)

    Good luck and keep at it Thomas!

    • Ah, thank you Devina! Your first resolution is probably one of the most common, almost every person faces the battle against procrastination some time in their life… it’s truly a difficult habit to overcome because it is a part of human nature – to delay what needs to be done. As for your second resolution, I think with enough studying you’ll pass your exams with flying colors!

      Once again thanks for reading and commenting, and Happy New Year!

  3. You know, that’s exactly what I want to do (for my New Year’s resolution). But I suppose it’s because it’s such an awesome idea, and great minds think alike, no matter how redundant the idea may be. Who cares, whatever works for you and whatever you can be most proud of is what works for you, it’s as simple as that.

    However, I was also thinking that another resolution of mine would be to quit being on Twitter and the internet so much, and actually do some studying and other productive things. Ugh, I’m so lazy. Sigh.

    Good luck on your goal, though. :] And I hope you have a fun New Year’s. I’m actually chilling with my family right now, whee~ See ya. :3

    • Good point, good point… as for your other resolution, I think if you really force yourself away from the computer you’ll be able to do it. Perhaps have a family member keep the computer away from you or help you with your goal – I don’t think you’re addicted to the internet or anything and I can tell you’re quite smart, so think of all the benefits a little extra studying and/or other productive things could yield. (:

      It must be nice to spend time with your family on an occasion like this, I hope you have a fantastic New Years and good luck with your goals as well!

  4. I want to make a difference. I want to cause positive social change, and consequently help people who are suffering.

    You can do that by volunteering. I’m sure you can find a place to volunteer at after school or on the weekends. There are plenty of organizations out there looking for the extra help. You can look through VolunteerMatch to start.

    Happy new year!

    • Hm, good idea. I do volunteer at the library, and I would like to volunteer at other places as well though there is something in my life that is restricting me from doing so… but we’ll see. Thank you for the link Dienna, and Happy New Year to you too!

  5. justxjosh

    My life goal when I was in high school was exactly the same. I wanted to help change just one person’s life for the better. I’m currently at university studying to become a social worker, and I consider it my biggest accomplishment so far in my life. I am in the process of achieving my goal, and doing something I adore, it doesn’t get much better than this.

    Thought I’d try and spread a little inspiration, if I can get there, so can you. Happy New Year!

    • That sounds so fulfilling! I brought up social working to my parents the other day and they didn’t seem too pleased about the prospect, but, maybe I will follow in your footsteps regardless. It does sound like a nice path – and I’m so happy for you that you’re accomplishing your goal and enjoying it at the same time.

      Now I can’t wait for college, the chance to study things specifically suited to my interests seems so wonderful. English and Philosophy, hm…

      Anyway, thank you for the inspiration – it’s nice to know that someone had the same goal as me and that he is actually achieving it… like you said, I’ll be able to do it too. Happy New Year!

  6. I believe the strongest motivation for pursuing goals is doing it for someone else. Thus, I wish you all the best with those goals! Excelling in academics for such a noble cause is certainly encouraging. 🙂

    As for me, I have no concrete resolution in mind as of this moment, just that I should again be a different and much better person by the end of the year Really, I’m enjoying this stage of life; teenage years, presumably, a time where lots of changes happen. Especially on our outlook in life.

    • I agree, it is much more fulfilling to accomplish something for the sake of someone else rather than your own. I also agree that I am enjoying my teenage years as well… of course I would like for college to come so that I can perhaps have a little more freedom, but you’re right in that our worldviews right now are starting to take shape, and our mindsets beginning to mold and change.

  7. That’s a wonderful New Year Resolution – you are absolutely right in following what is important to YOU. Best of luck for following your dream and all the best for 2012!

  8. It’s excellent that you have such a goal. I know I am trying to find mine, but am not having much luck. When teachers ask that question I always come up with… well nothing. I do well when I attempt most things and try hard with excellent outcomes. The problem is that nothing is interesting, so I start pushing everything to the last minute. Not that I don’t try hard. I just don’t particularly like anything nor dislike anything. Straight A’s, I agree, are really exactly what they are, just grades. My goals: Stop procrastinating and to find one little thing that I can achieve and like(I can’t even remember the last time I actually set my mind to something and finished it, school work excluded). I don’t think I am ready to set a life goal yet. Yours is seriously amazing, but I don’t think I possess enough kindness yet.
    By the way I just discovered your blog through an AP History book review that you did, but already from reading a couple of your posts I get the feeling that you have great determination. I wish you luck! I plan to buy the book too to help with my class this year. Your review helped!

    • Don’t worry, there are a lot of people who don’t discover what they’re truly passionate about until college and beyond! It’s great that you’re doing well in school, because that will guarantee you a path to success later on life when you figure out what you actually want to do. As for your goals, procrastinating is a universal problem but finding something you can achieve and like shouldn’t be too difficult – try a little bit of everything and I’m sure you’ll gravitate toward something… and if not, like I said, you have a lot of time. (:

      Good luck with AP World History, and I’m glad my review could help! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, too.

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