Taking a Trip to… Queer Landia

If you squint really hard you can see my name.

Hi guys! This is another FYI post, this time to inform everyone that I’ll be writing for Queer Landia. I described it to one of my friends as “a gay news blog which some other interesting tidbits thrown in”, and, it’s pretty neat. I recommend you check it out, as well as my first post on there.

Of course I won’t stop writing for this blog – this is my blog after all. Just wanted to let you guys know where I’ll be writing most of my posts about gays from this point forward. A big thanks goes to Mike, its founder and CEO, for inviting me to contribute and throw in my two cents every once in a while.

Now I’m going to go do homework… maybe write a book review… I know, thug life right here.



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5 responses to “Taking a Trip to… Queer Landia

  1. Your insight on one of our inborn emotions was an excellent first post! What an interesting name for a blog, huh?

  2. Wow I wish I used my time more productively than for tweeting about Korean celebrities…

    I have that say, that is REALLY cool that the CEO actually requested that you post on that site, how awesome. I’m jealous, really, you’re so influential and internet-famous and you’re making a difference already!

    Also, what a nice post on there. Love the Ke$ha reference lol (we can fan over boys together, yes?) You’re too cute, gah, I could squish you, really. >////<

    K bye, off to do more SAT stuff and make a facebook page about Rousseau.

    • Ah ha it’s no big deal, I’m just really happy he gave me the opportunity at all. One day we will fan over certain individuals of your opposite sex together, and thanks, I wish I was cute in real life too! (;

      Good luck on studying for your SATs, and that’s an intriguing thing to make a Facebook page for. o_o

  3. Don’t forget us now that you’re a big time author and blogger and all. 😉

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