A Post In Which I Complain About Complaining

I complain a lot.

I complain about schoolwork, about my family, about my lack of a life, and sometimes anything that inconveniences me. And you know what? That’s okay. Because we, as humans, need to complain every once in a while – otherwise, all of our stored feelings of anguish and grief (no matter how pitiful they may be) would stay inside of us and cause our hearts to hurt, and eventually, rot.

But, like almost all things in life, there is a limit. When people constantly say things like “I have so much homework, I’m going to kill myself!” or “School sucks, it’s ruining my life!” or “Why don’t I have a boyfriend, I’m 16 already, my life sucks!” or any other expression of discontent over trivial matters, I get frustrated.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to say those things sparingly (as in, at exceedingly rare times). As long as you are actually aware of how lucky you are to even have homework, to go to school, to be able to access the internet to post those things, then I understand. We all get stressed out sometimes.

However, if you are incapable of seeing beyond your petty complaints, then I highly suggest you get your head out of the gutter and take a trip to Africa. I’m not kidding. Despite how cliched the conditions in Africa have become – as in, “Don’t waste food, there are starving children in Africa” – the suffering there is still so horrible and transcends anyone’s first world pains.

I’m not angry with people who make a lifestyle out of sadness, I just abhor seeing them waste their lives whining as opposed to striving to reach their full potential. Especially certain high school students, whose obsession with getting into the best colleges and scoring the highest on the SATs is starting to scare me… but more on that in a later post.

Where has writing this post gotten me? What has it accomplished? Nowhere, and nothing, unless you count catharsis. This exemplifies how pointless complaining is. If you’re truly feeling down in the dumps, I recommend running or reading or going out with some friends for a while – because it’s better to be actively sad than to be paralyzed by one’s problems. And hey, who knows, maybe the sadness will simply vanish after spending a little bit of time on something else.

Thoughts? I hope everyone is having a wonderful three-day weekend, yesterday I played Mario Kart upside down while eating peanut butter ice cream with my best friend. It was really fun. Unfortunately, as always, I am inundated with homework, which I am going to start after publishing this post! See you guys next time.

On a really random note, I love Adele... but this is the best joke ever.

*I wrote a mini-review of Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome, it’s only a paragraph so I didn’t feel like cross-posting it on here. Here’s a link to my thoughts on the novel if you want to read them.


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12 responses to “A Post In Which I Complain About Complaining

  1. Great point. There are people with REAL problems out there. I’ve been posting about some things that make me really angry, but then I read a blog about a mom whose baby is nearing the end of his life. Whole. New. Perspective.

    I am curious. Did you eat ice cream upside down, too, or just play inverted Mario Kart?

    • I know. I’m not sure if that article you read was the one about dragon moms, but if it wasn’t, you should check that one out. It made me cry.

      Well… I only played inverted Mario Kart. I didn’t want to lose my stomach.

      Thanks for reading and commenting as always!

  2. Another great post,Thomas:) Yes, we all complain, not everything works in our favour. In my experience, complaining only leads to depression (you know I talk about that a lot) and yes, it’s counterproductive. I’m glad that that I even have anything at all to sulk over.

    Mario Kart rocks but does playing it upside down make it even more fun? Have a great weekend Thomas, and I also have a mountain of homework to get done 🙂

    • “I’m glad that I even have anything at all to sulk over”… good point! As people say, life has its ups and downs, and it definitely isn’t fair, but we should learn to appreciate those aspects of life so that we can live it to the fullest.

      Well… I was never able to really get anywhere playing upside down, but my friend managed to get sixth place in one of the races. The strangeness of the position made it fun, but if you’re looking to win I wouldn’t attempt to play upside down. I hope you’re having an awesome weekend as well and getting all of your assignments completed!

  3. I think I might love you a little bit Thomas. It’s amazing just how ungrateful we can all be, isn’t it? Even when you get something you really, really want, and have wanted for a long time, you can still slip back into the same old mode of complaining about something else, or even about that very thing you wanted, so easily.

    I have little to no time for adults who I still hear complaining about trivial things like not having anything to wear for a night out, though. I think that’s what the ‘hide’ button on facebook was invented for.

    • Unfortunately, it is, Ruth. This reminds me of a lyric from Sheryl Crow (who happened to suffer from depression herself): “It’s not getting want you want, it’s wanting what you got.” <- Maybe if people thought more along these lines they would be happier.

      Also, agreed about Facebook. I will write a post about the pitfalls of that type of social networking in the future…

  4. Cara

    *raises hand tentatively* I’m guilty of complaining too much, but I hear what you are saying. Everybody knows people that ALL they do is complain, and even if you try to give a positive spin on things they shoot it down right away. I notice I tend to complain more when I around people like this. There is so much to be thankful for, and gratitude should probably what we all should have more of.
    Hey and I’m glad to see you have had some fun Thomas:) You seem to be too stressed out for your own good. And the tweet about Adele HILARIOUS:D

    • I agree, some people can negatively influence you but as long as one remains centered on themselves in that they have a lot to be thankful for, then it is easier to exemplify that gratitude in their actions… like what you said, pretty much.

      I’m glad I got a break too, and thanks for reading and commenting as always Cara!

  5. “If you’re truly feeling down in the dumps, I recommend running or reading or going out with some friends for a while – because it’s better to be actively sad than to be paralyzed by one’s problems.”

    I agree. People can also try having a massage. It’s a good way to relax the nerves. Or, in my case, whenever I feel really gloomy I cook for my housemates and friends. It lifts my spirit when they express appreciation for my dishes and for my effort.

    • I’ve heard that cooking is a good stress-reliever because it gets your mind off of things and, like you said, it’s nice when people appreciate the effort you put forth for them. Massaging comes as a surprise to me though, maybe because I’ve never gotten one before. Thanks for your input!

  6. You’re right – there’s a limit to how much negative thoughts we should voice out loud! Check this out:

    You may want it to show it to the next person that complains without good reason 😉

    • That was quite the interesting video, thanks for sharing – I must admit the paint on their faces scared me at first but I enjoyed the message of the video overall. I will definitely share this with others. (:

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