Is Taylor Lautner Gay? Is Justin Bieber Really a Jerk? I Know the Answers! … Sort Of.

So, this is Taylor Lautner. He isn't, uh, bad looking, I suppose.

After fanboying over locating some pictures of Lautner, it’s understandable why some people would spend time pondering whether or not he’s homosexual. I mean, despite the fact that almost all of his fans will never ever get to engage in a romantic relationship with him, or even be friends with him (sorry if I’m breaking hearts now), it’s fun to think about. Sort of how I like to think about how awesome it would be if I were to have friends.

But the thing is, it is impossible to deduce Lautner’s sexuality unless one were to ask him themselves. That goes for any celebrity, really. Even then, he may lie to you, but still – one can waste hours wondering if that glance at Robert Pattinson in “Twilight” was filled with hidden longing, or if that gesture he made in “New Moon” actually represented his repressed desires for men, or if the second letter of every word he said in one of his interviews secretly spelled out “I like boys.” And yet, it will forever remain a mystery, because his sexual orientation is only his business and does not affect his ability to act, sing, play basketball, or look sexy at all.

That goes for almost any aspect of any celebrity. I become a little unnerved when people say things like “I don’t just love Justin Bieber because he’s cute, I love him because of his personality too!” Has anyone who is reading this post right now met Justin Bieber before? Have any of the millions of girls who swear that he is the sweetest thing ever actually hung out with him before? People should not judge celebrities based on their supposed personalities – sure, they can give intellectual interviews and be philanthropic, which are definitely positive things – but everything these people decide to portray themselves as to the camera could be false. That’s just how it is.

I’m not claiming that all celebrities are deceitful or fake – my point is that people shouldn’t waste their time over other people that don’t even know they exist. Of course one should have role models and inspirations and what not, but they should be taking all of that in at face value. With celebrities, what you see is what you get*, and nothing more.

I'm only including this picture to please the fangirls who have stumbled upon this post, I swear.

So this is another one of those “ugh why do so many people in society spend their time doing unproductive things such as debating over the sexuality of famous people” posts. I have some (well, a lot) of other ideas in mind, so if this was too shallow or too scorching (get it? because he’s hot? anyway) for you, stay tuned. I’m going to go do Physics and Precalculus now, wish me luck!

What do you think of celebrities and their personalities? Is Taylor Lautner hot or not? Maybe I should start a poll. Well, see you guys next time!

*: edit, what I mean by “what you see is what you get” is that if a singer is really good at… singing, then that’s all there is to it. I don’t mean that everything a celebrity appears to be is who they really are, rather, it’s that one should judge their appearance as simply that – an appearance.


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31 responses to “Is Taylor Lautner Gay? Is Justin Bieber Really a Jerk? I Know the Answers! … Sort Of.

  1. Once upon a time I would have jumped out of my striped socks at seeing Taylor in all his hotness, especially a pic #1 (we are a shallow bunch huh?) but even though I’m over the Twilight buzz I’ll still let out a huge fan-girl squeal! Don’t know for sure if he’s gay, but that doesn’t stop him from being so damn cute.

    That is so true, we don’t know these people personally so it would just be foolish to say we like them because of their personalities, but what I can do is just assume. I assume JB is a jerk, I feel the vibes till over here, but I can’t be too sure so that’s why I’m careful in saying that I don’t hate him.
    I get what you’re saying. Actors and actresses are so good at what they do, how do we know if what they say about themselves is true however sincere they sound. I don’t know if it’s possible for everyone to know the true them. I suppose this is what comes along with the fame. I’d like to think they are good people, but just that’s me trying to see a light in everyone, not knowing if their bulb’s gone and blown.

    Both pics of Taylor are awesome but he’s got nothing on Matt Boomer 😀
    Yes, I wish you the best of luck with Physics and Precalculus, both are headaches on their own. Keep the great posts coming Thomas, I don’t mind the shallow ones hehehe 😛

    P.S: A poll’s not a bad idea …

    • Agreed, either way he is cute. And I know what you mean about judging him from the vibes he gives off – from a person’s actions, like Kanye West’s infamous interruption of Taylor Swift during the VMAs, you can gather a good assumption of an individual’s character. However, maybe he was just lost in the moment. I suppose you can never really know. Also, I think it’s a good thing that you try to see the light in everyone. (:

      Comparing Lautner to Bomer is like comparing apples to oranges, especially age-wise. Thanks for your kind words as always Devina!

      I will attempt to add a poll to this blog. Eventually.

  2. Thank you for bringing up the “I don’t like him just cause he’s cute” line. So. Much. Truth.

    Someone better hide Taylor if he ever did come out and say he was gay. Homo’s heads would absolutely explode and prepubescent girls would jump of buildings in mass numbers.

    Thanks for the post, fun read 🙂

  3. I feel like I speculate about certain celebrities’ sexualities quite a lot, but I can’t help it, I’m a curious person. Sometimes it’s fun to speculate, you know? As long as it doesn’t take over your life.

    Taylor Lautner is alright looking. I know a lot of my friends go crazy over him but I’ve seen more attractive guys (although his abs are quite a thing to behold).

    Also, I can’t say I like Justin Bieber, but I don’t hate him, either. He just seems like a typical cocky teenage guy who got famous at a young age not entirely on his own merits and talents. It’s funny how he tries to be political and profess his views on politics in an attempt to seem intelligent but he just looks really stupid. (I remember seeing, a while back, that he was asked political questions like things about healthcare and abortion… Sure, it’s fine to have an opinion on these things, I’m not saying teenagers like him, you, and I can’t have thoughts on politics, but, you know, reading about things and getting facts before forming an opinion is probably a good idea.)

    Okay, I’ll stop ranting at you and go do my homework. My hiatus from Twitter is going surprisingly well. Off to study for midterms, good luck on your Precalc and Physics! (What are you guys learning now? We just started learning about work and energy… we’re so far behind lol.)

    • I agree, it is an okay to do as long as it doesn’t take up too much of your time.

      Hm, I see. I don’t know a lot about Justin Bieber nor have I seen many of his interviews, although there was one with Ellen where he struggled to say a single sentence without using the words “like” and “um” an almost obscene amount of times. Perhaps it would be beneficial for him to spend some time learning facts and getting updated on politics. And he should read books, too. (:

      Good work with your hiatus from Twitter, I’m glad you are spending your time productively! We just had our work and energy test, though almost everyone failed so we’re having a retake next week. You’re not too far behind, I promise.

      Thanks for reading and commenting and good luck on your studies!

  4. I have no idea what these boys’ sexual orientations are, and I’m too busy with more important things and too quote-unquote “old” to worry about it either.

    “I become a little unnerved when people say things like ‘I don’t just love Justin Bieber because he’s cute, I love him because of his personality too!'”

    Most of those with fan crushes know the only reason they have these crushes is because they find them cute. You know they’re not thinking about their personalities. Saying “I like their personalities too!” is a type of disclaimer, some way of justifying their crushes. The subtext is obvious: “I’m not shallow—I swear!” A lot of the fans don’t have the confidence to simply say “I like him because he’s cute! ‘Nuff said!” so they tack on that personality bit.

    Another thing is saying they “love” their crushes. How can you love someone you truly don’t know? You’re simply infatuated with a contrived image, you’re not in love with that person.

    • Yes, you are much too sophisticated to waste time worrying about such unimportant matters. (:

      And I agree with that 100%. I respect it when people say “I only like that actor/singer/athlete because he/she is cute” because that shows that they aren’t insecure or too deeply attached to the person – they’re just considering them as eye candy, and as long as it doesn’t become to obsessive or time-consuming, there’s nothing too wrong with that.

      Ditto on the “love” thing. People throw around that word too often. Thanks for reading and commenting Dienna!

  5. Hey~ you look like Taylor Lautner!

  6. I love taylor hes not. Gay and everyone knows it

  7. i love taylor lautner so much…and eventhough he’s gay (maybe ) i will still love him ! you rock taylor lautner ! that’s what a fan is shud love no matter he’s a dog, a hottie or even a jerk .. coz NOBODY’S PERFECT !

  8. Kendra

    while i loveeeeee to watch E! News every once in a long while and gawk at masgazine covers, i don’t think it matters one way or another. Taylor Lautner is still attractive if he’s gay! Coming out won’t make turn into a big green alien or something. Ricky Martin is gay, has come out, and been with his partner for years and my mom still loves him! In this country its very hard for young males especially to come out in any situation, much less when the press is following your every move! The only time something really changes my opinion on a celebrity is when they do something really bad like beating their gf (Chris Brown) or being a cocky, drunk jerk (Kanye West). even so, people make mistakes and if they are truly sorry and change their ways i think they deserve a second chance. they are people too!

    im sure that was riddled with grammatical errors. oh well.

    by the way, i love your writing Thomas. the way you are so open about your life and world views is very impressive! i may be overlooking this but i was wondering if you had a blog/discussion about being gay in high school? a few of my friends have come out to me since i have a pretty open mind about homosexuality. i was wondering if you had any tips for them coming out to the public: whether to wait, why, etc. and also if you had some tips for how someone like me can help make it easier for them.. we live in a very conservative town and sometimes i feel like all i can do is listen to them and remind them that high school DOES end along with the feeling of being trapped here. thanks 🙂

    • I completely agree with that you’ve stated regarding gays in the media and when people perform not-so-good actions like Chris Brown and Kanye West. You got your point across, so the grammatical errors are not bothersome at all. (:

      Well… I did recently publish my coming out post. I plan to go into what it feels like to be gay in high school more specifically in my future posts, so stay tuned for those! Though I do think that what you’re doing right now is great, because you’re not making the fact that they’re gay a big deal but you’re also offering your ears and your support. So, thank you for doing that! And thanks for reading and commenting.

  9. Jason

    he is totally hot,and I think the girl in the movie should choose him in stead of that vampire.

  10. Fun writing indeed.
    I’m gay and I love Lautner so much. Although he is gay, I think that doesn’t affect me hahaha 😆 Justin Bieber is a jerk? Well, nowaday, Bieber’s image in Indonesia is getting worse 😀

  11. Jordy

    Why does anyone’s sexual orientation matter? Our society is so backwards in this country! Also, how can anyone assume they know anything about anyone if they don’t know them personally? Geeeeez

  12. Whether or not he is gay it’s really none of our business.

  13. Oh, don’t say like that. Norah Jones is the most adorable person on the earth!

    • Hm? If I understand what you’re saying correctly, it’s fine to support celebrities.

      • I don’t just support her (it sounds like a political campaign), but I like her because of her personality only. Oh, there is her sweet angelic voice, yes. But let’s say 50-50. I have stalked her interviews till I can claim exactly who she is: she is boring. And I love her for that! 😀

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