U-Kiss and Pelvic Thrusts… I mean, “Forbidden Love”

So I’m starting to feel guilty whenever someone follows this blog because of my pop/K-Pop related posts – not only have I not been posting that much at all, but my music-related posts have been decreasing exorbitantly! So, I’m making amends for that today by writing some short stuff on Pop and K-Pop. This, obviously, is the K-Pop one.

I wanted to write about my favorite SM groups, but through Google I discovered that they had not released any new songs as of late. Therefore, it all fell upon U-Kiss, the only other group I’ve ever paid much attention to in my posts – and guess what, they did release a new music video recently! This one is called “Forbidden Love”, or as I like to call it, Pelvic Thrusts. You can watch the video here.

It took me five minutes to get this screenshot. Kevin's face is worth it though... I find it funny yet somewhat sexy at the same time. You're welcome, fangirls and fanboys.

Not much to say about this song, it’s similar to U-Kiss’s previous Japanese singles, “Neverland” and “Tick Tack”. It has a great dance beat and catchy chorus, which will hook people in who are clueless to the actual meaning of the song. As always, the video displays the group’s fantastic dancing, their not-great but not-horrible acting abilities, and a nice utilization of colors – red, black, and white together serves as a sensuous blend that enhances U-Kiss’s overall eye-candy appeal.

They also incorporate a small section of dubstep into the song around 2:35, at least it sounds like dubstep. Not sure if that was done intentionally or not.

Also, nice use of setting, as shown in the picture above. The thorny red cage thing emphasized the “forbidden” aspect of the song and the video, which was an above average move considering how many K-Pop music video producers thrust their groups (not their pelvises) into random, isolated areas… cough, “The Boys” SNSD cough.

Awkward mid-singing screenshot of Kevin and his new hair. It doesn't really do much for me, but I suppose it doesn't detract from his beauty either. I am not jealous...

What do you guys think of the song? If anyone could recommend me some new K-Pop songs in general that would be appreciated, particularly those of the workout/dance variety. I have been falling out of love with the genre as of late, but I am not willing to let go yet…


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15 responses to “U-Kiss and Pelvic Thrusts… I mean, “Forbidden Love”

  1. Alex

    I love the song (especially the dubstep attempt lol), and since U-KISS is my favorite group, I don’t want to say anything bad about them, but the way they errrr touched their forbidden areas reminded me of Dr. Feel Good by RaNia. Have you seen that?
    I recommend “I Am the Best” by 2NE1 if you want good workout music. It’s makes you feel like you’re BILLION DOLLAR BABY.

    • Alex

      ahem. *It makes you….

      • Oh my goodness, that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw them touch their forbidden areas! The double standard comes into play when you realize that most people probably don’t have too much of a problem with U-Kiss doing it, while with Rania it seems rather raunchy. Sex sells…

        And I love “I Am the Best!” It is a wonderful workout song, thanks for suggesting it. (:

        Also, thanks for reading and commenting!

        • Alex

          I was honestly hoping that the forbidden love would be a thing between Kevin and Eli. My friend told me that U-KISS is a bunch of perverts based on that mv because they’re touching themselves while alone. LOL. Oh, they also came out with another mv called “Shared Dream.” I don’t know what’s up with their recent music videos. It makes me sad.
          haha, well you should check out “So Sexy” by HAM (Hearts and Mind) which imo, is more raunchy than RaNia and HyunA.

          “Thumbs Up” by Crispi Crunch is also a good song. It’s freaking hilarious.

          • It could be that their choreographers want them to portray themselves in a sexual manner though. And I will fully watch and possibly post about “Shared Dream” soon. Why do their recent music videos sadden you?

            I will listen to those songs, thank you for the recommendations!

            • Alex

              Wow, did not know you had replied. Sorry! I think their recent videos made me kinda sad because I was hoping that they would be better made/have a real plot instead of them being in rooms alone and just…singing.
              Have you seen “Stop Girl” yet? They’re going for a more R&B vibe and they also do some sexy dancing with their girl backup dancers.

              • It’s okay! I haven’t been following K-Pop much lately, but I just watched it and it’s not bad – I agree that they could have incorporated more plot or danced in different environments, but I suppose how they included individuals of the female sex is better than nothing. I feel like I can watch a K-Pop music video today, or ten months ago, or ten months from now, and they’ll have similar feels though. Not sure if that’s something to be glad or sad about.

  2. Thanks for reminding me about this song… -goes to download it- I’m really loving all of U-Kiss’s Japanese stuff, it’s all so high quality and awesome and just… ugh, I’m glad they’re having so much success over there and just everywhere aside from Korea.

    As for song recommendations, I have a bunch. I’ll just give you the ones I have on my Kpop playlist that are the most listened to and the ones I see as the most “workout”-type songs:

    “Message” by Myname is great.

    Not sure if you would like “Hands Up” by 2PM as a workout song (I don’t really work out, so I’m just looking at the more upbeat songs).

    “Weekend Night” by Jang Woo Hyuk,

    “Be My Baby” by the Wonder Girls (this song is really catchy).

    “Shock” by Beast

    “Digital Bounce” by Se7en and TOP

    “VVIP”, “So What Can I Do”, and “Strong Baby” by Seungri.

    “Rainism” by Rain.

    “Beautiful Target” by B1A4

    And lastly, so as to not bore you, “Warrior” by BAP (they’re so badass it’s not even funny. Except for the rabbit thing, but that’s irrelevant.) xD

    I seem to have gotten a bit carried away with this list, but I hope you’ll like at least one of these songs. Good luck on your studies and reading and all that. Are you taking the SAT in March? I got my score back from the January test and got a 2110. I have to retake it, sigh. Gonna go study again. xD

    • Thank you Erika! I will work through this list steadily. I did take the SAT this past Saturday, hoping for somewhere around a 2200… and a 2110 isn’t bad for a first or second try, you can improve it!

  3. EmmKays

    I’m not sure which of their Japanese debuts was my favorite, “Forbidden Love” or “Tick Tack.” U-KISS just never disappoints.

    And OH DEAR GOD… watching them thrust in the video… *___* I love how in the screencap you caught Kevin has a sex face, SooHyun is all sex-face, too, and then Hoon in the background is all “Oh, yeeeaaah~.” *stares shamelessly* *___*

    • All of their Japanese releases have been successful, I agree! I wonder if the guys considered that some strange Asian-American teen would take screenshots of their sex faces when they were filming the video… hm.

  4. KaramelKissMe

    WAH! You did Forbidden Love, too.
    Yes. You do rock.

    I love the video and that crotch caress that makes me wish for full frontal nudity is the moola maker!

    Kevin is a beauty, as always, and while his hair is really subdued, when it gets a bit “messy”, it looks gorgeous. As seen here (If you can stand the screaming. And the pelvic grope is even more delish live).

    The song is crazy catchy and I workout to it (in rotation with Neverland, Man Man Ha Ni, Shut Up, and Talk To Me).
    Fine… I get on the stair-stepper and play the videos on repeat while hoping to catch the drool before it hits my sneaker. Satisfied?! \(^O^)/

    • No, because of this comment, you rock, not me. (; I have never had someone use the phrase “moola maker” before, so, nice work in that regard.

      Most of U-Kiss’s songs could be considered work out music now that I think of it, though I can’t listen to “Man Man Ha Ni” without laughing due to Simon and Martina’s interpretation of the phrase. Perhaps I should watch videos while I work out to feel more motivated to attain a body like Kevin’s, ha.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  5. Thank you for this Thomas! (for being a fan of UKiss too <33)
    I found this when you first posted it(which was my 16th birthday) and I'd like to say thank you for giving me an awesome birthday present!
    Ahahaha, I'm reaaaaaally late in posting this but its better late than never right?

    • It’s okay that you’re late, because of school I’ve been behind on replying to comments too. -_- But you’re welcome, hopefully next year I’ll be able to provide another deliciously awesome birthday present to you!

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