12 responses to “Learning the Value of Optimism

  1. I hear what you’re going through. It sucks to have a parent that you can’t connect with and have a strained relationship with. My relationship with my parents was far from perfect, and there were times when we’d have some argument or another before I left to school that also had me going to school in tears. (It didn’t help that I was made fun of in school, so I felt I had no relief from the drama.) Adulthood couldn’t come soon enough.

    I have lived on my own for many years and have a little space from my family so the relationship’s better, but far from perfect. I don’t think these relationships become 100% better, because parents are older and set in their ways and change won’t come easy for them.

    I hope there’s a counselor or someone you can talk to at your school. I feel for you that you’re going through this stuff with your mother. It seems far away from the present, but when you graduate and get to go to college you can be able to thrive in a less toxic environment and start to get that distance you need.

    • Thanks Dienna, knowing that someone else has gone through what I’m going through and is currently doing well is comforting. You’re right, I can persevere until college and then things will definitely get better.

  2. I’m a learnt rather than natural optimist with a tendency towards realism 😀 And I’m happy that way!

    Rest of Junior year then Senior year then COLLEGE, right? Keep going Thomas. I know you can do it (there’s that optimism :))

  3. Cara

    I am so sorry that you have been having such a hard time lately, and I hope things will lighten up for you soon Thomas. I do think being optimistic is the way to go! You’re so right that it can seem to people like it’s being in denial but I don’t think that’s true. It’s not the absence of logic or action but the presence of hope and seeing potential. How can that be a bad thing right? I think you are well on your Thomas of being on optimist (better than me anyways) because being grateful is one of the most important things you can do. Hey and keep strong! Things will look better, they have to:)

    • “It’s not the absence of logic or action but the presence of hope and seeing potential”… very well-worded! Thanks for your encouragement Cara, it means a lot coming from someone who writes such good book reviews. (:

  4. Oh my goodness, Thomas. First off, your writing itself is absolutely beautiful. Second, everything that I told you before about your future is 100% true; never forget that. And as you should already know, you can talk to me whenever you need to!

  5. Any bloke who can openly admit to countless fans that he broke down and cried in a toilet cubicle is more than a man IMHO.
    * I got here coz I googled ‘quiet optimism’ for an article that I’m doing (which isn’t on that at all). I read on even though yours isn’t on it either, coz you’ve got such a brilliant writing style.
    PS. I didn’t get on with my parents either. Don’t take it personally ~ it makes for a good learning curve.

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