My Seventeenth Birthday, via Instagram

So the title of this post is somewhat misleading, as I’m including all of the gifts I got yesterday but none of the events that occurred. I already wrote a post about growing up (aptly titled “Growing Up”) and my feelings about getting older a little while ago, so I’m not sure what the purpose of this post is other than to display my horrid and monstrous Instagram skills and to show why I am so thankful for my amazing friends and family. Not that material goods are what makes me appreciative, but, let the birthday gifts commence!

Bossypants by Tina Fey. Woo books! Looking forward to reading this one, she seems like a funny lady.

Gummy bears and hand sanitizer and body lotion. Quite the admixture.

Deformed cupcakes with a sweet message on them! The icing was delicious.

A doughnut and hand lotion. I’m starting to see a theme with these gifts…

More gummy bears and hand sanitizer! This friend also made me cookies, but I kind of ate them all before I could take a picture of them. Oops.

The gift card and the cookies and cream wafer were nice, but chocolate strawberries = the sweetest taste of sin.

A myriad of beautiful birthday cards.

Final Fantasy XIII-2! The only video game series I would ever spend time playing. Cannot wait to get to this one over the summer.

Last but not least, lovely laminated and personalized bookmarks! I like books.

Definitely one of my best birthdays so far. I couldn’t include everything I received – like the splendid video one of my best friends made me – but I think the above photos serve as a solid summation. If you stuck around until this point, here is a link to a brief somewhat book review I wrote about Origins of the Specious by Patricia T. O’Conner. I didn’t think the review was worth an entire post.

Do you recognize any of the gifts I got? Do you think I will possibly be able to burn off the copious amount of calories from all of the food my friends gave me? Stay tuned until next time to find out… (well, you still won’t find out the answer to the second question even if you do stay tuned, but… oh well.) See you guys next post!



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4 responses to “My Seventeenth Birthday, via Instagram

  1. How lovely. Happy birthday! I’m so glad you had such a nice day.

  2. Your friends want you to gain eight 😀 Just like mine 😀

    I got my friend a HUGE chocolate fudge cake on his birthday as payback 😀

    Happy birthday! Even though I’m late. Hope your SAT’s went well 🙂

    Let me know which college you get into 😀

    • Hm, that’s a good idea… a sweet style of revenge, if I may say so myself.

      And thanks! I think I did alright, the results don’t come out for a couple of weeks, so I’m not stressing out about it too much.

      I will most likely write a blog post once I get into college… we’ll see!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, as always. (:

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