Reviews of AP Review Books for United States History, English Language, and Psychology

Hey everyone! This post contains reviews of all the AP review books I used this year. I used three for AP United States History, one for AP English Language and Composition, and one for AP Psychology. I scored 5’s on all of my exams. I hope this is helpful!

Cover via Goodreads.

Rating: 3/5 stars.

Not a bad review book, but not one that you should use alone. It offers test-taking tips, practice essay prompts, and multiple-choice questions, but no real review of the material that will be on the AP exam. If you have a great and solid grasp of AP United States History and solely need to practice, I recommend this book. If you need more than that, I would recommend using REA or Princeton Review or AMSCO as well.

The best part of this book, in my opinion, were the two practice tests. I took both of them and annotated every question I answered incorrectly. This helped me majorly in the long run, as the questions that appeared in this book were of a similar difficulty to those that showed up on the actual exam.

I contribute a slight portion of my 5 to this book, specifically the practice exams.

Cover via Goodreads.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

This is the main book I used to review for the AP United States History exam. The best part of the book is its content coverage – the chapters are concise but contain all of the necessary information, and the font is large enough to make migraines avoidable. There were also timelines at the end of every chapter, which helped me chronologically order things in my mind.

Although I did not utilize every resource the book offered, I appreciate that they were there for me. There is an option to construct flashcards online, but because my phone does not possess such capabilities, I could not. There were a myriad of practice quizzes and tests though, which I did take.

On that note, the only issue I had with REA was the easiness of its practice questions. They were very fact-oriented, which, while not a horrendous thing, differs largely from the questions that appear on AP exam. Some of the questions repeated, too.

Overall, I would recommend this book for content review, and perhaps ask your teacher or find some other full-length practice tests to take to test yourself. I contribute a decent portion of my 5 to this book.

Cover via Goodreads.

Rating: 5/5 stars.

Such a helpful guide. I utilized this book throughout the year to prepare for quizzes, tests, and essays. It provides a to-the-point review of essentially everything you need to know for the AP exam and the SAT subject test. The information is presented in several series of organized outlines, and in the back it has the quintessential people, movements, etc. you need to know. Although this book may not go into depth about every single subject, I highly recommend purchasing it to reference facts and to obtain solid overviews of time periods in history.

For the sake of consumer awareness, I scored a  770 on the SAT Subject Test in United States History as well as a 5 on the AP exam. I attribute a hefty amount of my success to this book.

Cover via Goodreads.

Rating: 5/5 stars.

I used the 2006/2008 version of this review book, so the 2012 version may be more updated. This book has everything you need to garner a 5 on the AP English Language and Composition exam – detailed test-taking and essay writing tips, practice exams and essay prompts, and a superb vocabulary section. The only thing issue I had with this book was that its MC grading scale had not been adjusted to fit the new one, but that is an easy thing to circumnavigate. AP English isn’t an easy exam to prepare for, as it’s somewhat a you got it or you don’t type of thing, but with this book one may stand a better chance than without it.

I contribute a decent portion of my 5 to this book, especially its practice MC exams.

Cover via Goodreads.

Rating: 5/5 stars.

If you plan on purchasing a review book for AP Psychology, buy Barron’s. I highly recommend it.

This book has everything. Beautifully concise yet all-encompassing reviews for each section of psychology, a diagnostic test and two more wonderful practice tests, multiple-choice questions to practice with after each section, practice essay prompts, and the names of important individuals you need to know. I’m pretty sure that if someone went through this book and studied it thoroughly, they could score a 5 on the AP Psychology exam without even enrolling in the actual course.

Also, this is the only AP book I’m keeping, out of the five I’ve utilized thus far. It is just so magnificently organized and contains a wealth of useful information. I’m sure I will reference it in the future as I continue to study psychology and discuss it with my friends.

I contribute a hefty amount of my 5 to this book.

Now that I’m done with that, I can focus on responding to everyone’s kind comments and writing new posts! Lights out at this university’s dorm is at 11, so I should be going now though… bye, until next time!


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