Personal Update: Summer’s Closing

It’s been awhile since I’ve published a post about nothing in particular. Dear diary, here I come!

Currently, it is the morning of August 25, 2012. That means that in ten days (or, the morning of the September 4, I can’t do math) I’ll be back in school. Where has this summer gone?

Well, I’ve been gone a lot this summer. To reiterate what I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I spent one week studying government and politics at one university, a month studying the Humanities at another university, and about a week on a cruise. During this time I’ve made great new friends, learned tons of things, and have accomplished quite a bit, especially in developing my confidence, thoughts, and beliefs. The month away from home felt like a first taste of college – an experience that I eagerly await, and one that only comes closer.

I’ve also spent time finishing my summer assignments. I’m taking five Advanced Placement courses next year (and six exams in May), so I’ll be a busy bookish beaver.  For the first few months of the school year I’ll be working on my college applications too – I cannot wait to write my essays, and please wish me luck! So far it’s been an intimidating yet enjoyable experience.

A sample of my senior year. I’m looking forward to AP Literature, at least.

On that note, I have one week left of free time to relax and mentally prepare myself for the upcoming school year. During this week I’ll be reading constantly, so expect many book reviews in the next week and a half or so. I apologize if it seems like I’m spamming your inbox or WordPress feed – I just really want to get in as many books as I can before school starts!

I’m actually ahead! As an avid reader and Goodreads user, I cannot allow myself to fail this challenge. I need the self-esteem.

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a refreshing and enlightening summer. I feel excited and nervous, yet calmer than I expected. If any of you are in high school or college, are you ready? Any advice for a rising senior? Until next post!



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13 responses to “Personal Update: Summer’s Closing

  1. Andreas

    Just wanna wish you luck on your essay as well as the upcoming school year. And, hey, it’s just great that you’re ahead of your GR Reading Challenge. I recently changed it to 30 books and almost halfway through, :). Well, advices are, don’t stress, relax and enjoy your school, you’re a smart guy and you’ll get past it brilliantly and don’t forget to read a novel, despite how busy you are. 🙂 And I’m so expecting the book reviews.

    P.S: I just got back from Penang and accidentally found This Is Not a Test by Courtney Summers and decided to buy it along with the rest of other novels that I wanted to buy. Yay! 🙂

    • Thanks Andreas! Can you really change your GR reading challenge after it’s already been set? Either way I probably won’t change mine, now that I’ve posted in on my blog and all…

      Oh, I’m glad you decided to buy This Is Not a Test – please share your thoughts with me once you finish it. (:

      • Andreas

        Yep, u can totally change the reading challenge. And, yes, I’ll share my thought with you once I decided to read it cuz there are others which I’m so eager to read and This Is Not a Test might have to wait, although I’d be so psyched to read it. BTW, do u have a Facebook account?

  2. Hello (: I really liked your post, and wanted to give some advice (I started my senior year two weeks ago). I took six AP tests last year and I know how tough they can get when you’re rounding the end of the year! My advice: Stay organized! I use a binder that organizes my year study so I can come back to it in May. Another thing – Ask your teachers for study guides or tools (they usually have some up their sleeve, frequently web sites that provide tips and help to the material). Don’t let the senioritis bring you down 😉 Good luck!!

    I’m taking three AP courses and four IB courses; my May will include fifteen tests, so wish me luck too (: Woo! Senior year!


    • Hi! Thanks for dropping by. First off, that’s so impressive that you took six AP tests as a junior! I’ll definitely stay organized – the binder is an impressive idea, as I use one individually for each class but not a cohesive one that ties everything together. And I will definitely communicate with my teachers in regard to study plans and extra resources.

      Good luck on all of your exams, you have plenty on your plate! And, of course, good luck with your college apps. (:

  3. Goodness! good luck! I am taking only 1 AP course: AP English literature and composition. I’m starting all my applications in the next week or so as well! In addition to my AP class I’m taking three other honor courses. One less than last year.
    Jeez though, You deserve an award for your determination with AP
    Have an awesome senior year!

    • I’m taking AP Lit too! We have that in common, as well as the fact that we’ll both be working on our college Apps. This year I don’t have any room for honors courses with all the APs I’m taking, but it’s great that you’re challenging yourself with difficult classes.

      I know people who are taking more APs than me, and it’s not the number that matters – it’s how well you do and how much you learn and try. Thanks, and I hope you have a spectacular senior year too!

  4. Good luck with everything, Thomas! You’ll ace those exams.

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