Taylor Swift Redeems Herself With “Ronan”

T-Swift at her peak, holding back tears. I admire her!

I heard “Ronan” two days ago right after returning home from school. After listening to the song for fifteen minutes, I literally had to exit out of ITunes so I could staunch the flow of tears trailing down my face.

Musically, this song is breathtakingly beautiful. It is simple, raw, honest, and vulnerable. It is worlds apart from “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” If I had not known of Taylor Swift and someone had shown me the lyrics of the two songs side by side, I would never have guessed that the same person produced them.

What’s even more beautiful is how she empathizes and how she puts herself in the shoes of Maya Thompson, Ronan’s mother. The sheer emotional strength of this song could melt the coldest heart.  Has Taylor Swift lost a son to cancer? No. Has she lost a friend to cancer? Maybe, I’m not sure. But the fact that she’s fighting for cancer awareness and prevention with this song is inspiring and makes me want to do more, too.

Obligatory twitter picture. Thank you Taylor Swift, for putting things into perspective.

Sure, releasing “Ronan” and singing it live does not make Taylor Swift the best person on the planet. There are those who spend all of their time researching and working on a cure to cancer, and others who dedicate their lives to raising awareness. Just because she commits one good act does not make her a great person, just as committing one bad act wouldn’t make anyone else a horrible person.

But she definitely deserves credit for taking the time to read a hurting mother’s blog, creating such a moving and sorrowful song, and giving away all the proceeds to cancer-related charities and organizations. Now, I’m looking forward to Red more than ever.



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4 responses to “Taylor Swift Redeems Herself With “Ronan”

  1. Dear god….I nearly started weeping…

  2. I love taylor swift, she is one of the few artist who i’m actually moved by (emotionally)

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