To Tumblr, Or Not To Tumblr…

People say peer pressure can be positive.

At the moment, I refute that – because my friend made me make this.

There comes a point in life when you have to stop and smell the amount of social networking sites you have. Yahoo. Gmail. Facebook. Twitter. Goodreads. WordPress. And now, Tumblr.

Obviously I use some of these more than others. Heck, my Twitter started out solely as a way to promote my WordPress blog. I feel like Tumblr will become an extension of that, if I decide to use it at all. Perhaps second semester, though probably not. Promoting this site would be worthless if there isn’t anything to promote in the first place.

Yes, it’s pretty much a carbon copy of my WordPress blog. Except not as awesome.

What do you guys think of Tumblr? I honestly feel like it’s a more picture-friendly version of WordPress. I tried to comment on someone’s post but couldn’t figure out how to, which made me realize why I value WordPress so much – because it is focused on words. Yes, words. The beautiful and powerful things that can break my heart and build it back up with only a few pages.

I know I asked a similar question in a past post, but how many social networking sites do you guys have? For those who commented on my previous post, have you gotten any new ones? If so, how do you feel about them?

I’m going to go do homework, run, and watch the debate – expect a book review soon, and hopefully some other posts! If you have anything you want me to write about, let me know and I’ll do my best.


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15 responses to “To Tumblr, Or Not To Tumblr…

  1. From what I understand, you can’t directly comment on Tumblr blogs; you have to directly message the blogger. My husband has a poetry blog on Tumblr that he’s had a lot of success with, and he tried to do a WordPress version of it. He abandoned WP pretty quickly because he just felt like the audience he has on Tumblr is more suited to his style. I’m a WordPress gal, myself. I use my Tumblr just to view stuff, but I don’t plan on creating new content for it.

    • Oh, that is most unfortunate. Overall, I guess it’s good that they’re are multiple platforms for bloggers so that they can choose whichever one suits their audience more. I think I will follow in your footsteps in regard to Tumblr – maybe when I have more free time I’ll kick back and view stuff too!

  2. invisiblesimmer

    I have multiple social networking sites, but each one I use for different purposes. Like Facebook, that’s for my friends I know personally and to follow some tv shows and stuff. I have a Twitter but I never cared for it and don;t use it at all. Goodreads is for my own personal use to find books, I think I only follow you and a couple other people and only have 2 active friends. Tumblr is for things for The Sims computer game and stuff. I also have a Pinterest and Youtube and everything, but as I said, they are all used for different things that are fairly important to me. Each one has it’s features that I like and dislike, but in the end, I use most of them on a regular basis but only spend maybe an hour in total on each except for Youtube.

    • Wow, it sounds like you have our own little system of social networking sites all mapped out! We’re somewhat similar, except that I use my Twitter more regularly and I utilize Goodreads at a more social level. It’s great that you are able to recognize what you want from each site and use each of them accordingly.

      I’ve heard of Pinterest, but I haven’t checked it out… perhaps I will after reading this comment…

      • invisiblesimmer

        I use it to get baking ideas and craft ideas. You can also find some pretty funny memes on there or just hilarious pictures in general 🙂

        • I see – I’m not really into baking or crafts, but funny memes and pictures are appreciated! It’s amazing what people can put together, even in terms of fan-art or creating comics from things like reality TV, books, etc.

  3. Shannon

    I think for most people, tumblr is more about creating your own personal space full of things you like. I don’t really post any actual personal content, I just reblog lots of different things I like from other blogs and I love to look at my archive then because it sort of represents my interests and who I am as a person. Plus it’s a major de-stressor. Although, it DOES get extremely addictive at times.

    • After 24 hours of having a Tumblr, I definitely see what you mean. It does seem like a place where one gathers a hodgepodge of their favorite things and accumulates them into one space. I also think by following certain people (like, for me, book blogs and pro-homosexuality blogs) you can find people who share your interests and beliefs. That way one can de-stress by staring at all of his or her shared beliefs and photos that they love…

      Oh, how I know of Tumblr’s addictive quality. One of my best friends has a Tumblr, and she’s hooked on it. Hopefully I will avoid that!

  4. I have a tumblr, which used to be my “lit” blog, but has more recently turned into a personal comments/life/lit/quotes blog. This WP which I solely use for angsting that goes no where else, a Blogger, which is almost empty, a twitter (which is personal), facebook because…facebook. Youtube, DeviantArt, Goodreads,are also existent in my name. Without a doubt my biggest audience is by far tumblr, every time I want to switch platforms I cannot because I’ve already established myself over there and I can’t bring myself to crumble that base. I get a lot of responses to my work, but less feedback/critiques (which I’d like too), but I’m very active on my tumblr and it’s much more of a hodge podge of my mind, you know?

    • Hm, if you don’t mind, could I please get a link to your tumblr? I’m very curious about your writing as well as your thoughts on certain subjects – but if you want to keep it personal, I understand. I also understand what you mean about switching platforms. Though I don’t really see anything wrong with WordPress, I wouldn’t be able to switch over because of the base I’ve established here. I’m glad I’m not the only one who uses a myriad of social networking sites! (or, has a myriad but does not always use all of them)

  5. I find it irrationally amusing that the day you get a tumblr, you start making grammatical mistakes in your blog posts. The button mashing and incomprehensable rants are only for fanboying, Thomas!

  6. justxJosh

    Tumblr is alright, I enjoy the picture orientated aspect of the site. But I just have too many social networking sites to try and keep up with now, and I seem to join a new one every week.

  7. You reblog and add a comment, and the original poster gets a notification. Then they can reblog that and reply, and you keep going like that and the conversation is on both blogs.

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