Legend by Marie Lu

Cover via Goodreads.

Rating: 3/5 stars.

June has always loved the Republic. Encompassing what used to be the west coast of the United States, it thrives on its trial system – all ten-year-olds must take a test that determines their fate. June is the only person to receive a perfect score of 1500. Day, on the other hand, failed his trial. Born into a slum sector of the Republic, he’s always had a defiant streak. A fierce care for his family keeps him grounded, and when his brother Eden contracts the Plague, he’s forced to steal some of the Republic’s cure. This action ties him and June together in a way that will make them question the true intent of the Republic.

I liked Legend. It blended several genres, spanning dystopia and star-crossed romance. Lu writes well and the book flowed effortlessly, making it a quick and easy read.

However, there could have been much more in Legend. The dystopia setting felt self-contained, the characters were nondescript and interchangeable, and the plot was predictable. Nothing blew my mind or thrilled me – perhaps this is a result of how I’ve read stronger young-adult books similar in story to this one.

Overall, I intend to read Prodigy, the sequel to Legend. Lu set up an interesting premise, and I’m looking forward to seeing where she takes it and how she grows as a writer.



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2 responses to “Legend by Marie Lu

  1. I really like this cover, Im working on an album project “MUSIC” and would love to work with the creator of this image.

  2. I’m glad! Thanks for reading and commenting. (:

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