Of Politics and Tragedy

The shooting made me think of this.

The shooting made me think of this quote.

I’ll preface this by saying that I’m sorry. I don’t think any written word can convey how horrible the shooting that took place in Connecticut is. Any attempt at eloquence, at some emotional connection, just won’t do. I’m sorry. Take this post with a grain of salt – I know nothing can make up for what’s happened.

As humans, we react to tragedy. We rally around the flag, we post and share our sorrow and sympathy on social networks, we try to help if we can.

The next day, this feeling of altruism starts to fade. Days later, we begin to forget.

I get it. We can’t always live in misery and fear. I just think it’s terrible that it takes something like this to happen for partisan bickering to be put aside, that it takes death and destruction to get us to act. I get it when people say now isn’t the time for politics. But if not now, when will it be? Of course we should show respect for those affected and of course we can’t feel an ounce of the pain they’re going to feel for the rest of their lives. But politics – participating in putting forth policies and getting things done the way we want them to be – is the only way to prevent things like this from happening again. We should act, now, when the wounds are fresh and our feelings are exposed.

I feel pretentious for even posting this. My heart goes out to those affected, but what will that do? Tragedies – whether of small or large scale – occur every day. We should keep that in our conscious and act more kindly and thankful every day.


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4 responses to “Of Politics and Tragedy

  1. samssocial

    Well said. It’s a shame more people don’t think like this.

  2. I can’t think of something to say that shows just how much I agree with what you’ve said. Now really is the time for America to act politically and try to stop horrible things like this happening again. If they don’t start now, when will they start? Right now, when everyone is still united, seems the best time to make the changes that need to happen.

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