Personal Update: Progress

2012 reading challenge destroyed

The year isn’t even over yet and I’ve already won! Victory.

Two nights ago I submitted all of my college applications. I can’t pinpoint the feeling that followed – it was a mixture of hope, anxiety, euphoria, and relief.

I remember that at the beginning of high school, I had no idea who I was. I didn’t know my passions and I had no plans for the future. Self-deprecating thoughts consumed me and my fear of my mother  made me anxious to escape, even though I had no idea how I would do that.

But I’ve made it so far, as cliche and conceited as that sounds. I usually don’t give myself breaks; when I submitted my college apps, I thought to myself, what’s next? Taking the past four years in, though, has made me realize how far I’ve come and how much I’ve changed. It hasn’t been a perfect or painless ride, but I’ve learned a lot in high school – about academics and about myself. I’ve made a few super close friends and accomplished other things as well, such as maintaining this blog for over two years (its anniversary was on the 16th!)

My soon-to-be-read books. AKA, what I will be doing over winter break.

My soon-to-be-read books. AKA, what I will be doing over winter break.

The college application process has shown that I’ve survived. Of course I could’ve done better in a few of my math and science classes, and obviously there has been a mistake or two. But here I am, moving onto the next step. I know who I am and I know what I want, way more than I did freshman year as I stepped foot into high school.

Now, for the rest of senior year and when I enter college, it’s time to make my dreams happen. Before I do that, though, I’ll take a break and read for a bit. I think I’ve earned it.

People always ask: How do you have time to read? Answer: I don't. I make time.

People always ask: How do you have time to read? Answer: I don’t. I make time.


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20 responses to “Personal Update: Progress

  1. Congratulations Thomas! You certainly deserve a break.

    But in the new year, why not challenge yourself and try my reading challenge? You can choose different levels and if you achieve your goal can be entered in a draw for a prize.

    On the other hand I can’t believe how insanely busy you are but how you still find time to read books. I’m impressed!

  2. You totally deserve a break! Congratulations 🙂 I can see you have worked very hard. I am impressed with how many books you have read this year. Winter break (my favorite time of the year) is the perfect time to start reading I did complete my reading challenge on GoodReads but only because I counted manga.
    Congratulations (again)!

    • Ha ha Lottie it’s okay, I counted a couple of my AP review books in my total. (; Thank you so much, I look forward to reading more of your reviews throughout this upcoming year!

  3. Oh, how I wish I was as determined as you. I only got about 30% of the way. It’s quite disheartening. But, I loved how you phrased, “I don’t. I make time.” absolutely splendorous! 😀 Congratulations, you’ve made it this far, so keep at it! For you have indeed certainly earned it!

    • It’s okay, this is the first time I reached my reading goal – two years ago I set it at 150 and got to 146, last year I think I set it at 100 and got to 86 or 87… there will always be more years! And thank you for your kind words. (:

  4. thedailypatrick

    Wow. Cue Dora The Explorer’s singing You Did It! I haven’t finished my 2012 Reading Challenge 😦 90/100 ten more. Anyway, good luck on the applications.

    • Is it strange that I never watched Dora the Explorer while growing up…? Also, thanks, and good luck on finishing your challenge! There’s always next year, so don’t feel too discouraged if you don’t complete it.

  5. That’s good to hear! I think it’s safe to say this year has been a challenging one for lots of us and personally I feel it’s an accomplishment that to be still walking straight.

    I know who I am and I know what I want …
    A definite sign you’re on the right tracks, a reassuring thought no doubt. I hear how you’ve been talking about collage applications, I’ve delayed the process by two years due to going an extra year (kind of), are such a pain?

    Oooh, you’ve got a stack out all ready too! What’s the one at the top and the third one? Instagram makes some pics look fuzzy.

    • I know, this year has been tough, but it’s also been quite productive (especially if you look at gay rights, which perhaps I will post about.)

      Aw, I see. Are you asking whether they are a pain? If so, not really, if you balance everything out and use your time wisely. Perhaps I will post about my college application process in more detail once I receive decisions from the colleges I applied to.

      You’re right about Instagram. Sorry about that – it’s the cost of keeping things aesthetically appealing, I suppose. The first book is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon (which is my school book club’s January discussion book) and The Flight of Gemma Hardy by Margot Livesey.

      Hope you have a wonderful Holiday season, Devina!

  6. clawsomemanno

    Congratulations! It sounds like you’ve had a very productive year. And I think that once college applications are sorted out, we get to loosen up a bit? Maybe that’s just me. But hey, do enjoy your winter break and I’d love to see what you’ll have to say about these books.

    • Thanks! Yes, I think it is time to relax, even if just a little bit. I will be posting reviews of all the books I read, as always. I hope you have a wonderful winter break as well!

  7. Awwwh congratulations to you! I wish you the best of luck. 😀 You’ve certainly earned it.

  8. Andreas

    Congratz! You definitely deserved a break. I happened to finish my 2012 Reading Challenge, so yeah, I’m so psyched for this year’s challenge! My to-be-read novels are piling!!! OMG! 🙂 All the best for the college applications. And enjoy your winter break!

    • Thanks Andreas! My winter break ended last week but it was refreshing. How many books did you read for your 2012 challenge and how many are you attempting for 2013? Good luck on your challenge this year no matter what the number, and I know how you feel – my to-read list is rapidly expanding too!

      • Andreas

        I finished reading 40 books last year and I attempted to read 50 this year. Don’t want to get my hopes up since I’m in college now, so afraid that I won’t have any time to read so I set 50. But I might be tempted to change it. That’s what I always do! Hahaha… 🙂

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