Spring Break!

I haven’t posted in over a week. Now that I have a week of spring break to recuperate, here’s a quickie to keep my imaginary readers all of you guys updated.

If you're tempted to swim in it, let me tell you: you are not alone.

A running river near my friend’s cabin. If you’re tempted to swim in it, let me tell you: you are not alone.

For the past few days I stayed with a friend and his family in their cozy cabin without internet access or cell phone service. While there, I relaxed with my AP Government review book, a young adult novel, and plenty of junk food. Now that I’m back home, I have many things to do over the rest of break, such as responding to blog comments, getting homework done, studying for AP exams, and writing some more. I’m hearing back from the rest of the colleges I applied to in two days, so I’ll finally be able to post that long awaited college acceptance post then!

I do work.

How I complete AP Biology homework.

On a random note, this past Friday I attended my high school’s annual Writers’ Conference. Students at my high school submitted short stories or poems to be constructively critiqued – this is the first year my piece literally received no criticism! While one of my friends outside of the conference pointed out some awkward phrasing, I’m using the ego boost to push me forward in writing my lengthier work in progress. Perhaps I’ll post the short story I wrote on this blog, hm…

The temptation to inundate all of my followers' news feeds is palpable.

The temptation to inundate all of my followers’ news feeds is palpable.

Also, I haven’t been too productive today as I’ve used most of my time listening to or reading about the Supreme Court hearing Prop 8 arguments. Everyone knows where I stand on this issue, so let’s just hope the justices deliver a likable verdict over the summer – either way, I’m glad that there’s so much support and discourse flowing in from various venues! It’s never too late to grant human rights.

See you guys on Thursday at the latest, and hopefully by then I will have responded to all of your comments! To those of you on spring break and those of you who are not, I wish you a wonderful middle of the week.


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12 responses to “Spring Break!

  1. 1. Please post that short story!
    2. Congrats on everywhere you’re being accepted (and everywhere you will be accepted)!!! Do you know where you are going to commit yet?

  2. justanember

    Omg you lucky duck that sounds like so much fun ❤

  3. Welcome back to the blogosphere 😀 I would jump in that river to swim but I fear the my skin would freeze the second I hit the water. Oh, and please do post that short story! I am sure it is amazing.
    And I wish you luck on those acceptance letters 🙂

    • Yeah, it probably wouldn’t have been safe to swim in that temperature… and perhaps I’ll post it, we’ll see! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Jenny Li

    a) Post a short story. Please?
    b) Good luck with APs!
    c) Congratulations with college acceptances and such! :):)

  5. sisimka

    Story…. 😀

  6. Please post that short story! You have really been an inspiration to me, especially when it comes to writing and with accepting who I am. I just want to thank you for helping me to realize that putting myself out there and just being the way I want to be won’t be a horrible thing to do. Your blog has helped me in so many ways (from being myself to adding another book to my “to read” list – it was getting terrifyingly low), and I just wanted to thank you for that.

    • Alice Jane, it makes my day to know that I’ve helped you express yourself, be yourself, and acquire more books to put on your to-read list. You’ve definitely motivated me not only to work harder on posting that short story (I want to research copyright requirements and what not just in case) but to continue writing and to better my writing. Have a great day and thank you for your sincere comment!

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