400 Posts, 4000 Comments, And Some Cool People

You win some and you lose some.

You win some and you lose some.

Go me! Or rather, go all of you! Today I reached 4,000 comments and noticed that my review of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan marked my 400th post. I was writing an overdue response to someone today and realized that I started this blog back in December of 2010, which means I’ve been active for almost three years now. I cannot convey how blessed I am to have this haven to return to whenever I wish, full of support and splendid people. If you care about anything statistic-related when it comes to blogging, I’d say comments count the most – just because they show an exchange of ideas, passion, and a plethora of other wonderful abstractions.

4 is a pretty popular number within my online life nowadays. Thank you, AP review books...

Thank you, AP review books, for getting me on track! 4 is a pretty popular number within my online life nowadays.

Talking about splendid people, I’ve decided that whenever I have one of these random personal updates, I’ll mention three of my “blogging friends”, or people who I interact with in the blogging community a decent amount. I’ve always avoided doing this (and all those blog award bits) because I felt that there would be no way to incorporate every single person that matters to me… but I feel that with three at a time, I’ll eventually get there, and it won’t just be a massive amount of links. I’m choosing these at random so don’t hate me or send a copy of Rick Santorum’s wretched, horrid, foul-smelling, absolutely abhorrent book if you’re not in the first round!

1) First shout-out goes to Grace from The Humble Watermelon! It’s weird because even though I’ve never met her personally, she has a distinct personality to me – she sends off vibes of intelligence, politeness, and dare I say it, grace. Her book reviews (usually in the YA genre) are honest and well-written, and her other posts, whether they’re about classical music or random aspects of humanity, are always of top quality. Kudos to you, Grace.

2) Second mention (why do I feel like I’m embarrassing the people I include here) goes to Michelle from The Innocent Lam! She is a genius and not just because of her perfect SAT score. She reviews K-Pop like a pro while writing about a wide range of other topics – politics, economics, culture – with a seasoned and professional voice. I do not admire her because she attends one of the best colleges in the country, rather, I look up to her because of her eclectic and expansive intellect. Also, she’s a super nice person in general, willing to dispense advice about almost any matter.

3) My last but not least shout-out goes to Laura from The Unapologetic Self! Laura is a good friend of mine in real life and she recently started her blog which will focus on book reviews, societal issues, etc. (sounds familiar?) While we’ve gotten into some pretty ugly fights in the past, I always appreciate Laura’s tenacity and how she doesn’t back down. Check out her blog if you have time, I’m sure she’ll maintain it for quite awhile!

Me in cat form via Facebook! Anyway...

Me in cat form via Facebook! Anyway…

For the next week I will not have internet access because I’m heading to the Caribbean for a cruise –Β  time to crush that reading challenge and maybe reward myself for some of my accomplishments this year even though just writing that sounds so grotesque and wrong. Questions for you guys: do you ever link or mention or give shout-outs to other blogs via your own? And if so, how? Also, where have you guys been going on vacation this summer? I feel like people may assume I’m rich because I can go on a cruise, but this is pretty much the only place my dad and I ever go out of town. Emphasis on ever. Hope you all have a wonderful week and make sure to inappropriately like a status on Facebook!



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22 responses to “400 Posts, 4000 Comments, And Some Cool People

  1. Ooh, I know Grace! She’s a super-awesome person and friend πŸ˜€ You just can’t help but love her (and her beautiful writing). Laura and Michelle sound like lovely people, so I’m just gonna click over to their blogs right now…

  2. It’s certainly a wonderful feeling! I’ll click over as well. I do link back to blogs, mostly for the weekly creative writing challenge at Ermilia Blog, sharing other bloggers pieces for that particular week. I’ve written of blog awards too, after a while it becomes too much for me, and also because like you said, its not possible to list nearly everyone. Cheers!

  3. Congrats on the 400 posts, 4000 comments! That’s awesome. Thanks for the links. I’m always looking for new blogs to follow, and these sound interesting. I hope you have fun on your trip!

    • @Lottie Aw thanks Lottie! Love you to bits πŸ™‚

      @THOMAS- I seriously do not deserve to be first shout-out, but thank you so much Thomas! I remember the first time you ever commented on my blog (a post about me going on a cruise, what are the odds!) I was like, hey, I’ve seen him on Goodreads before! He’s like a celebrity! Haha well you are the most down-to-Earth celebrity that I know! You are such an inspiration Thomas, and I really admire your genuineness and courage.

      I don’t do much shout-outs or mentions, but I definitely did do you one for my blogoversary ;). And alas, the only vacation I’ll be taking are trips to the TV and computer. I’m basically confined in my house because I have this huge violin exam coming in 3 weeks! (Ah just thinking about it makes me shiver…)

      Hope you have loads of fun on your cruise, Thomas! The Carribeans is just an awesome place to be!

      -Grace πŸ™‚

      • ^Oops I replied to quix689 instead of just writing a fresh comment! Excuse my clumsiness. -.-

      • Grace, don’t feel bad, it took me I think about a year to figure out how to add the “reply to comment” feature on this blog… but, ha, your use of the word “celebrity” makes me smile – if only. So blessed to have made such a great blogging friend and I suppose the best vacations are made through the computer, and books. (:

    • Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy their blogs!

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, you’re so nice! That just put a huge smile on my face.. my coworkers will be thinking I’m a nut between marathoning Gordon Ramsay (sadly my boss and his PA are out for the week) and cracking up at random times! Thank you very much! It must be fate, I was feeling extremely guilty about not posting in a while (I haven’t even started thinking about reviewing the latest SHINee album, everyone don’t kill me), and I saw your post at the top of the heap and decided to take the time to congratulate you. However, little did I know that I was mentioned!

    Here’s some embarrassing things I need to say to you. I’ve always been extremely impressed by your blog and the tenacity you have to keep posting. Moreover, I admire your honesty and willingness to show the vulnerable side. I think while I am very nice (as you correctly point out, ha!), I often seem very prickly and aloof, more about giving advice than spilling my fears and personal thoughts. In that respect, you are definitely the better writer and you can relate to everyone much better. I really struggle with that, while you have got that down to a T and yet can also offer some fresh insights.

    Your success is hard-won and deserved. You’re more popular than me now and with more posts (by 10)! Congratulations! I need to really get on posting before I turn fully into a soulless investment banker.


    • ah Michelle I hope this mention has inspired you to post more, even if it’s just because I want to read more of your writing/reviews/what is going on in your life. (: I agree on a basic level with your analysis of our blogs, we both have our strengths and offer different voices, but what matters is that we each have a distinct style. INFJ v INTJ, when it comes down to it, perhaps.

      ha, online popularity is subjective, and I just inundate people with book reviews and random tidbits of my personal life… I do wish for you to write more whenever you have the chance! who says being a super successful investment banker and being a kick-butt K-Pop/intellectual/political blogger are mutually exclusive? good luck with your work and academia!

  5. HelloHwaitingBuhBye

    I’m sure you have many friends Thomas.

  6. Wow, what an awesome achievement, congratulations!

    I’m going to pop over to all these other bloggers. πŸ™‚

    I try to shout out to people as much as I can, because there are so many wonderful bloggers out there. I used to participate in all the blogging awards when I first began, but they soon became very repetitive and they started feeling more and more like chain letters (which they essentially are, but better) so now I rarely participate anymore, it’s too hard to keep up with!
    I’ve never created a blogroll for the same reasons you’ve mentioned about shoutouts, there are too many great blogs to name, and I wouldn’t want some to feel left out either!

    • Thanks Becky! I feel like you have great logic in regard to why you stopped participating in blog awards and why you don’t have a blogroll, perhaps I should reevaluate mine.

  7. I used to give more shout-outs to my favorite fellow bloggers – usually through blog awards. But I don’t get many now, partially because the people who gave them to me have largely stopped blogging or because I get awards I’ve already received and I don’t see the need to do them twice.

    Congrats on your almost-three-years of blogging! I’ll reach the three-year mark this October.

    • Yeah, I feel like the awards can get repetitive after awhile. Thank you for reading and commenting and congrats on your almost three-year anniversary! Less than two months away, wow. (:

  8. Congrats on 400 posts, 4000 comments and 48 books read! I used to do shout-outs to fellow bloggers with blog awards, but like becky said, they get a bit repetative and chain letter-like. I usually just put ones I like on my Links page of the blog (like yours). I also occasionally do give shout outs to other blogs if I found something really awesome on one of their blogs and want to emphasize it. Sadly the only vacation I’m going to be doing is a weekend trip to San Diego in 2 weeks, which I am very much looking forward to. For me, it is still summer as it has been 110 degrees the past couple of days. Summer doesn’t really stop here till about end of Oct.

    • Thanks Rachel! I hope you enjoy your vacation even though you still have some time left before it… but, ouch, that heat must be harsh. Not sure I could bear such a warm and long-lasting summer.

  9. That Paki Boy

    Congrats! I have been following you since three years and whever I come to your blog, I love what I read. May you go places and have fun!

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