Black Lives Matter

Hi everyone! This isn’t one of my usual posts. I’m gonna keep it short and not say much about me. I always joke that no one reads this blog, but just in case someone is, I’m here to say that Black lives matter, and we should all take action to show it.

This letter an acquaintance of mine posted on Facebook speaks to the importance of Asians and Asian Americans showing up for Black Lives Matter. There’s a solid list of tangible actions at the bottom of the article if you want to skip to that. As written in the article, we Asian Americans often side with whiteness and white people over Black people and we need to cut that shit out.

Here’s a quick Twitter thread with 10 steps to non-optical allyship, and here’s a list of books you can read to learn about being anti-racist. Please feel free to comment with additional actions and resources, or reactions. Until next post.



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  2. OK, so I’ve donated to BLMUK and followed them and donated to a black women’s bail paying organisation in the US and a black people’s bail paying organisation in Birmingham, Alabama, and I’ve also friended the organiser of that one on Facebook (after asking if I may) so I can watch and learn her perspectives from the centre of that city’s protests. I’ve also dedicated my photo a day twice to recording the memorials to Arbery and Floyd which have been put up in my city. Not virtue signalling just sharing what people can do. I’ve also shared a friend’s posts on children’s books teaching about immigration and racism and am continuing with my plan to read more books by POC around my book projects currently ongoing. I’ve made sure to comment on and amplify friends of colours’ posts. I wish I could find more UK resources but I’m working on that. And LOADS of people read your blog!

    • Liz, thank you for sharing what actions you’ve taken! I am hopeful that you sharing this will help inspire others to take action. And I appreciate the vote of encouragement about the reach of my blog. (:

  3. That’s a great article on Medium. I’ve bookmarked it. The past week has prompted me to look at my own biases. Even I, as a visible minority, have privileges that others don’t enjoy. Thanks for posting this. I hope you’re doing well and finding ways to stay strong.

    • Hope you enjoy or find meaning from the Medium article if/when you read it! I’m glad you’re examining your own biases and recognizing your privileges, and I hope that will translate to action as well. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment as always. (:

  4. Ketsia Lefranc

    Love how concise this was. Also, hey! I found you on goodreads bc of a review you left that I really enjoyed. Then I started following you on there and was like, sheesh this guy reads A LOT. So awesome! Also on the journey. You also have a new reader of your blog 🙂

    • Thank you for appreciating the concision and for taking the time to stop by and read and comment, it all means a lot. (: And ha ha yeah I do read a lot, I’m such a book nerd! Hope to hear from you again sometime soon or in the later future!

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