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I Met Cassandra Clare! And My Nonexistent Life

I went to the National Book Festival yesterday! It was my first time. I got this nifty water bottle too...

Before I get into the titillating details of my time with Ms. Cassandra Clare, let me share with you all of the exciting things I’ve done since my last post!

… never mind. If you’re a fellow teenager suffering from the stress of school, please contact me so I can rant to you about how miserable my life is and cry on your shoulder offer you advice and discuss motivational techniques to keep us sane!

Anyway, yesterday I went to the National Book Festival in DC to see Cassandra Clare talk about her writing and to get some of my books signed. For those of you who are unaware, Cassandra Clare is the amazing author of one of my favorite series, The Mortal Instruments, and the creator of my fictional boyfriend, Alec. Sorry ladies, he’s mine.

On that somewhat awkward note, do you remember your first time meeting a celebrity or someone famous? I know it’s sad, but meeting Cassandra Clare yesterday was my first encounter with an especially well-known person. After standing in line for over an hour to get my books signed, my inner introvert got the better of me when I actually approached her – I meekly said “hi”, and then “thank you so much”, and proceeded to scramble away with my friends.

I hope posting authors' signatures isn't illegal... I mean, it's not that impressive to be honest. I still love you Cassandra Clare!

If I could redo the moment, I would’ve informed her that the orange tabs in my copy of City of Fallen Angels were Alec and Magnus moments when she commented on them. I was just so starstruck – I suppose this wasn’t Lady Gaga, but seriously, I was standing three feet away from the lady who wrote the series I’ve spent hours reading, reviewing, and fanboying. The good news is that I didn’t faint.

About an hour later my friends and I went to see her book talk. She was pretty funny and offered some good advice about writing. Seeing her inspired me to do some more writing of my own, when I manage to gather the time, at least.

So, that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to lately, excluding the tear-inducing precalculus assignments I’ve been completing. I should write a post about the misconception that all Asians are good at math…

I apologize for not blogging more about books and pop. I have so much to write about but so little time! How are you guys doing? Have you ever been starstruck in the presence of a celebrity before? If not, please make up a scenario in which you did so I’ll feel better about myself… just kidding!


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Child Abuse Prevention Month

Image via Marty Melville/ Getty Images

Imagine waking up wondering whether your dad will beat you because he’s drunk. Imagine having to control every little thing you do – the grades you get, who you hang out with, the way you walk, etc. – because if they’re not perfect, your mom will ridicule you for being stupid, dumb, and worthless. Imagine living completely alone in a rundown apartment without food, water, or love.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month – so please, do something to help children suffering from this horrible treatment. It can be as simple as asking a friend if everything is okay at home or donating through an online charity. Here is the official site for Child Abuse Prevention Month run by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services – the site contains fantastic information and ways to get involved.

To show the extent of this issue, here are some troubling statistics from 2007, taken from this site:
– Almost five children die every day as a result of child abuse.
– 90% of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator in some way; 68% are abused by family members.
– About 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, thus continuing the horrible cycle.
– The estimated annual cost of child abuse and neglect in the United States for 2007 is $104 billion.

Besides spreading awareness, participating in events, and donating to charities, I plan to write a book about child abuse. I don’t know the story, the characters, or any of the details, really – but I want to write something that teenage victims can relate to. It’s one of my goals in life, and a reason why I try to improve my writing ability.

Just a call could save a life. (image via imageshack)


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